Yahoo Finance is cashing in on a bitcoin bang with 100 pages of cryptocurrency quotes

Yahoo Finance might not be a initial brand-name that comes to mind when we consider of a cryptocurrency markets, though that could shortly change.

The financial portal belonging to Yahoo, that is a auxiliary of a AOL-Yahoo joined entity Oath (owned by Verizon), pronounced it just listed some-more than 100 pages of cost quotes for several cryptocurrencies. These operation from a established—like bitcoin—to a obscure, like DigiByte, Cardano, or IOTA. The cryptocurrency pricing information comes from a London-based website called CryptoCompare, a provider of pricing, volume, and other trade information in a cryptocurrency markets.

yahoo finance-vs-google finance-similarweb
Yahoo Finance and Google Finance trade compared (SimilarWeb)

The participation of cryptocurrency quote pages on Yahoo Finance means that Yahoo users will be means to lane a opening of these resources within their personal portfolios hosted on a site. It creates following a mostly flighty cost of cryptocurrencies some-more available for Yahoo Finance’s 75 million monthly active users—and exposes a still enigmatic item category to a mainstream audience. The financial portal has been adding facilities to rivet a users some-more actively, like introducing batch trade from within a mobile app in September, according to Techcrunch.

Yahoo Finance trounces a competition. It had 156 million visits in Oct compared to Google Finance’s 79 million visits, according to web trade information site SimilarWeb. The portal will wish to keep crypto traders on a website by adding a news feed from trade announcement CoinDesk to all a cryptocurrency cost pages, it also announced today. For a now unusual web pioneer, a cryptocurrency trade frenzy should supplement copiousness of fad to a financial pages.


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