Women business leaders accumulate in Danbury for annual event

DANBURY — Women entrepreneurs schooled from some of a successes — and failures — of their counterparts Thursday during a 18th annual Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce Business to Business showcase.

As partial of a annual eventuality that brings scores of businesses together from via a segment to network and benefit some-more courtesy for their brand, a Women’s Business Council offering a array of workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs, including a row contention about how to grow a business.

“Today is unequivocally about achieving success and a tools, tips and strengths that we need to get there,” pronounced JoAnn Cueva, executive of a council. “We wanted to benefaction an eventuality for entrepreneurs to learn from others’ mistakes and how other businesspeople dealt with a hurdles they are facing.”

Cueva remarkable that notwithstanding advances in new years, women continue to face struggles in a business world.

“About 39 percent of businesses currently are owned by women,” pronounced Emily Carter, executive of a state’s Small Business Development Center, “but those businesses are usually removing 16 percent of a capital. Up until 1986, women were still compulsory to have a male co-sign for a blurb loan.”

Beverly Dacey, a boss of Bridgeport-based Amodex, a production firm, pronounced she went to New York City to find collateral for an enlargement of her business when she encountered a “wall of suits” who wouldn’t give her a time of day.

“Don’t ever consider a highway will be paved,” she said. “It will always be bumpy.”

Dacey pronounced she found both a appropriation and a resources she indispensable to enhance her plant by a growth center, that offers low-interest loans and grants to tiny businesses by a Business Express program.

“The state has a series of resources for a business village that, notwithstanding being publicized, aren’t unequivocally all that well-known,” she said. “These are resources that can assistance we grow your business.”

Kristin Delfau, a owner and boss of Delfau Tax and Financial Services, pronounced she also sought conversing from a core when she motionless to open her possess firm.

After operative for another association for about 4 years and on a verge of starting a family, Delfau pronounced she motionless to start her possess company. Working from home, she said, allows her to have that change of life and career that she couldn’t grasp as someone else’s employee.

“Do we have to get adult infrequently during 4 a.m. to get something finished for a customer so we can take my child to a alloy that afternoon? Yes, though it’s value it,” she said. “I might have to make sacrifices with a family for 12 weeks out of a year (during taxation season) though that gives me a other 40 weeks that we can spend some-more time with my family.”

Many of a entrepreneurs who spoke during a eventuality also featured their companies as partial of a showcase. More than 100 companies from via a area participated in a event.

“It’s a good approach to precedence resources,” Carter said, “to have both a training eventuality total with a showcase. The some-more information we can yield to entrepreneurs, a better.”

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