Woman Killed in National Park Had $4.5M Insurance

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For their 12th marriage anniversary, Harold Henthorn took his wife, Toni, for a travel to suffer a glowing autumn tone and snowy peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

They set out on a high and hilly turf of Deer Mountain, afterwards walked off a route to a edge to constraint a view.

Toni paused to take a photo. She tumbled face initial over a ledge, according to autopsy reports that left questions about either she fell or was pushed.

“Homicide can't be excluded,” a coroner wrote.

This week, a sovereign grand jury indicted Harold Henthorn, 58, on a assign of first-degree murder, some-more than dual years after Toni Henthorn’s genocide on Sept. 29, 2012. Prosecutors haven’t expelled sum of their case, aside from a complaint that says Henthorn, a proprietor of Highlands Ranch in Denver’s suburbs, killed his 50-year-old mother with representation and malice.

“I’m certain when all a contribution are famous in this formidable and difficult case, probity will be done,” pronounced Harold Henthorn’s attorney, Craig L. Truman.

Henthorn was a usually declare to his wife’s tumble — a box eerily suggestive of that of Jordan Linn Graham, who was convicted of murdering her father of usually 8 days by pulling him off a precipice in Montana’s Glacier National Park in Jul 2013. Graham was condemned to 30 years and 5 months in jail though has appealed her conviction.

It took Henthorn 15 mins to find his mother splayed on a mountainside below, autopsy reports show. She was still breathing. It took rescuers another hour and a half to strech her, though by then, she had died.

For Toni Henthorn’s brother, Harold Henthorn’s detain renewed long-held doubts.

Harold Henthorn seemed determining and prejudiced about a couple’s financial situation, fibbing about a business he claimed to possess so that Toni would pierce divided from her family in Mississippi to be with him in Denver, pronounced her brother, Todd Bertolet.

It was usually after Toni Henthorn died that kin satisfied she had 3 life word policies totaling $4.5 million. Court annals uncover a explain was sent in for one of a policies usually dual days after her death.

They also uncover Harold Henthorn as a heir of hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank accounts in his wife’s name.

Among his wife’s relatives, Harold Henthorn also seemed demure to speak most about his initial wife, Sandra Lynn Henthorn, 30, who was dejected to genocide in 1995 when a automobile slipped off a jack while she and Harold were changing a prosaic tire, according to autopsy reports.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office pronounced Friday it is still questioning that death.

“He pronounced his initial mother died in a automobile accident,” Bertolet said. Henthorn would ask friends who had photos of her in their homes to mislay them when he came to visit, “almost like she didn’t exist.”

Toni Henthorn was a successful ophthalmologist who owned her possess use in Jackson, Mississippi, when she met Harold Henthorn by a Christian singles website. She was divorced and lonely, and Henthorn seemed to come around during a right time.

“She ignored some impression flaws with Harold,” he said.

He told her he was rich and assured her to pierce divided with him, Bertolet said. But once in Denver, he seemed spooky with money.

He’d tell his mother he was holding business trips though wouldn’t contend where he was going, Bertolet said. He claimed to be self-employed as a fundraiser for nonprofits, though kin aren’t assured he indeed hold a job.

“I can’t contend we ever unequivocally felt gentle with him,” Bertolet said. “The women in a family were lifted to be eccentric and strong, and that’s not a lifestyle my sister was vital in when she was with him.”

The dual had a daughter, now 9. Toni’s family is seeking custody.


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