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Instead of cobbling together 3 part-time jobs, Angie Stefanski of Fort Collins wants to find one pursuit that will give her 25 to 29 hours a week.

Stefanski, who has training disabilities, is operative with Easter Seals Colorado Wings’ new upheld use module to ready for and demeanour for a job, preferably in retail.

“I like creation money, lots of money,” Stefanski pronounced Thursday as she worked with eccentric pursuit manager Jim Hawley during a Wings facility, 1656 Topaz Drive.

Stefanski, who is saving adult to go to Disney World, pronounced she likes operative in sell since she can see a equipment that come in to a store and she likes assisting people.

“I adore articulate to people and stuff,” Stefanski said.

Easter Seals Wings offers dual use programs to give day module participants with egghead and developmental disabilities and other clients like Stefanski a assistance they need to find and keep a job.

The programs are integrated village use to assistance people find eccentric work and upheld use that gives a pursuit to a group of employees.

“We’re ancillary an particular that competence have barriers to use benefit and keep suggestive employment,” pronounced Katie Dockery, executive of Northern Colorado Services, Easter Seals Colorado.

Supported Employment

With upheld employment, a organisation of 8 Wings participants work together during a pursuit site underneath a instruction of a pursuit coach, who works with them on their pursuit tasks, pursuit skills and work-related issues. The pursuit manager serves as a relationship between a businesses and a module participants.

The initial organisation began operative during a Habitat ReStore preservation store in tumble 2015 to sort, cost and arrange sell and support staff with patron service. The organisation works Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 hours any day.

“That form of use is unequivocally good for someone who’s not had use before,” Dockery said. “That form of work is for people who are training a work skills.”

A second crew, that has 3 participants and needs another five, is a Topaz janitorial crew. The organisation started in January, operative during a bureau park housing a Wings program, cleaning a offices for 6 businesses. That organisation also works on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a same volume of hours.

Spencer Price of Loveland is a member of a organisation and likes a work he does.

“It’s easy. It isn’t hard,” Price said. “I don’t have to work on weekends. we can acquire my possess money. we don’t have to ask my mom for it.”

Price’s pursuit manager Margaret Banner pronounced a module gives a participants autonomy and confidence.

“It teaches them some-more life skills,” Banner said. “They turn some-more responsible.”

Nick Bader of Loveland, who was being assessed Thursday for a janitorial team, pronounced he wants to get out and be partial of society.

“It gives me a possibility to get out of a house, be active, be physical,” Bader said. “That’s a lot of my dream right now to turn intensely active. … I’m a tough worker. I’m here to learn.”

Easter Seals Wings contracts with a employers to compensate a whole group a salary and creates adult a disproportion for any group member to acquire smallest wage. The group is an eccentric executive with a business, and a pursuit coaches are Easter Seals Wings employees — there are dual on staff and a third will be hired.

Nick Bader, a impending member of a Topaz Janitorial Crew, cleans a Easter Seals Colorado WINGS Center on Thursday during a skills analysis in

“We’re always looking for new businesses to partner with us for those work crews,” Dockery said. “We unequivocally can work in any field.”

Integrated Community Employment

Once a people in a group benefit operative skills and an bargain of what it means to work, they can pierce on to integrated village employment, Dockery said.

There now are 23 people operative in that program, that started in Jan to give people with developmental and egghead disabilities and those with acquired disabilities or mental illnesses opportunities to find and keep employment.

“That is assisting them get a pursuit in a village formed on a ability sets they schooled within a organisation and a fundamental skills they have,” Dockery said.

The pursuit coaches for integrated village use are pursuit chain specialists who assistance a participants build their resume, hunt for jobs, fill out applications and use interviewing. Once a participants obtain a job, a pursuit coaches attend any compulsory training sessions and go to a pursuit site with a participants as prolonged as they need to learn a job.

“The idea is to keep circuitous down services so they can have an eccentric pursuit though support,” Dockery said. “The ultimate idea is to change them into independence.”

The integrated village use module includes pursuit carving, where a member might not have all of a skills a pursuit requires though can do some of a tasks. Easter Seals Wings works with a businesses employing a people to rise jobs specific to their skills and abilities.

“To have a pursuit brings a clarity of honour to do something that you’re ardent about and afterwards get paid for it,” Dockery said. “Our clients that we offer … wish to work and get a paycheck.”

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