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We’ll answer them for you. And we’ll do it for free.

How many practice corroboration calls does your association get? Every day? Every week? Every month and each year? Do we know what can occur if these questions are answered wrong? Does your classification know how to answer corroboration calls legally?

Providing past practice information takes time. A lot of time. Is there a resolution to take a shortcoming for responding these calls and providing compulsory information divided from your employees and give it to someone else? Yes.

This essay will explain how Pre-employ.com can answer these calls, yield accurate, timely and agreeable information requested and do it during no cost to you.

At some point, you’ve perceived a call from one of your employee’s impending landlord, automobile lender or bank seeking to determine practice and income information. Answering one of these is customarily not a problem. But, suppose carrying to answer many of these calls each day. Some companies competence have to yield practice corroboration for hundreds if not thousands of employees over a march of a year.

HR departments rubbish a poignant volume of association time and income responding practice corroboration inquiries as against to behaving essential work. Did we know that your HR staff could emanate authorised guilt if they recover a wrong information?

As a FREE use for clients, Pre-employee will take your practice corroboration calls and yield a correct information that is requested. We make certain to accommodate correspondence mandate and we also guarantee to strengthen a private worker information.

If we wish to disburden your HR staff from carrying to answer practice corroboration questions and equivocate a troublesome and potentially dear emanate of giving out a wrong employee’s information, take a debate of Pre-employ.com past practice services.

Along with practice verification, if we have any questions or concerns about your employing practices ask a giveaway research of your employing practices that can embody reviewing your pursuit applications, credit screening, I-9 correspondence and more. Keeping your employing practices in correspondence is vicious to equivocate dear justice appearances and fines. Pre-employ can help.

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