Why business travelers should consider twice about engagement by Airbnb

It’s not startling that Airbnb, a peer-to-peer room let service, has motionless to justice business travelers by pairing adult with the travel expense manager Concur. Global business travel spending is shooting by a roof, and working with the deep-pocketed business transport world beats traffic with the squatters and scammers that stand adult among Airbnb’s leisure-heavy clientele.

Linking adult with Concur might relieve a friction, for businesses, of booking and expensing a room with Airbnb, though it won’t indispensably spin Airbnb into a seamless, business-facing company. Harried and demanding business travelers should beware of a following:

The discounts aren’t as good outside the many costly US cities

Airbnb bookings aren’t always a discount they seem to be. That’s partly because business travelers are some-more expected to need an entire unit for work privacy, not just someone’s gangling room. A US city-by-city study by a web information association Priceonomics found that while renting a private room on Airbnb is about half as expensive on normal than staying in a hotel, renting an whole unit is reduction of a bargain, with a cost assets of usually over 20%.

And Airbnb is not always cheaper in smaller cities, where unit register and vital costs are lower. Big companies also have a negotiate energy to negotiate low discounts on hotel bedrooms for employees—up to 40% off a shelve rate, according to hotel managers—which, if we work for a large firm, creates a hassles of engagement by Airbnb reduction appealing.

Successful business trips are value spending a money

Getting transport deals is mostly required for convenience travelers, and minimizing transport losses is a priority for businesses too. But if you’re skimping on your lodging to clear a business trip, it begs a doubt of either a transport is value it, in these days of video-conferencing and lightning-fast communications. Business trips can minister abundantly to a company’s growth and seal deals that wouldn’t go by on a phone or virtually—but usually if a in-person revisit pays off.

If your Wi-Fi cuts out, regulating Airbnb substantially wasn’t value it

Business travelers may be peaceful to abstain a lot of niceties to save income for their company, though an internet tie isn’t discretionary for most. In a recent consult by Hotels.com, 56% of business travelers said that a Wi-Fi tie was a many indispensable amenity when engagement a hotel room, versus 34% of leisure travelers. That creates sense: losing your internet during a rushed business outing can be a disaster.

People renting out bedrooms or apartments don’t have the collective negotiate energy to do conflict with internet use providers during an outage, nor the needed clarity of coercion (especially if they’re divided on vacation themselves). They also don’t typically have a business center with Wi-Fi to offer for a discerning fix.

I’m a frequent Airbnb user for convenience travel, and can demonstrate that a bad or nonexistent internet tie is a unchanging underline of the Airbnb transport experience, even when a use is betrothed by a renter. Internet troubles haven’t mattered much when I’ve trafficked for leisure, though when I’ve had Airbnb internet troubles while roving for business, the panic was enough to spin me off regulating a use for business altogether.

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