What’s Up With Food Service Employment in San Diego?

Mike Boswell tweets this morning that this is “good information for a @kdrum post”:

That is peculiar, isn’t it? Why did food use practice in San Diego plunge starting in October? we poked around a bit, and didn’t come adult with anything. However, a answer is supposed to be “because they lifted their smallest wage,” so we took a demeanour during that. But it doesn’t unequivocally fit. In Jul 2016 San Diego lifted a smallest salary to 50 cents some-more than a state minimum. That’s a flattering small boost to have such a poignant effect, and for 3 months it didn’t have any effect. Food use practice didn’t spin around until October. So afterwards we took a demeanour during Seattle and San Francisco, dual other West Coast cities that have lifted their smallest salary recently. Here’s what food use practice looks like in all 3 places:

I dunno. San Francisco and Seattle lifted their smallest salary extremely some-more than San Diego, and their food use practice has been fine. Combine that with a small distance of a San Diego boost and a 3-month loiter before anything happened, and a smallest salary speculation seems a small iffy.

But zero else comes to mind either. Could it be due to an outflow of undocumented workers following Donald Trump’s election? Something else singular to San Diego?

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