What we know about Stephen Paddock, a male behind a misfortune mass sharpened in US history

vegas sharpened troops respond
officers using to cover during a stage of a sharpened nearby the
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on a Las Vegas Strip on Sunday


  • Stephen Craig Paddock, a male troops have identified
    as the Las Vegas gunman, was a still male with no criminal
    record or reports of haphazard function before the
  • He was found passed in his hotel room as police
  • His checked into a hotel room with his girlfriend’s
    identification, troops said, though she was found outward of the
    nation and is not suspected to have played a purpose in the

The Las Vegas troops on Monday identified Stephen Craig Paddock
as a male who non-stop glow from a 32nd building of a Mandalay
Bay Resort and Casino with what seemed to be an automatic
rifle, killing some-more than 50
and injuring during slightest 515 others to local
 in a deadliest mass sharpened in complicated US

The 64-year-old from Mesquite, Nevada, targeted concertgoers at
a Route 91 Harvest nation song festival during about 10 p.m. PDT
on Sunday, troops said. They pronounced Paddock had been in his hotel
room given Thursday.

Video and cinema from
a festival
prisoner a disharmony and augmenting panic as
extended bursts of purloin glow rang out.

“Not an zealous gun male during all,” Eric Paddock, Stephen’s brother,
told CBS News. “Where a ruin did he get involuntary weapons? He
has no troops background.”

“He’s a male who lived in a residence in Mesquite and gathering down and
gambled in Las Vegas,” Eric Paddock said.

Paddock CNN las vegas shooter
runs a design of Stephen Paddock, a Las Vegas


Paddock was late and had no rapist record before a attack,
Reuters reports. A
Washington Post
 on Paddock described a still male who
occassionally came to Las Vegas to play or locate concerts, was
a former proprietor of Texas, and hold a sport permit in

Paddock had been checked into in his Mandalay Bay hotel room on
with his girlfriend’s marker for three days before the
. Police primarily identified her as a chairman of
seductiveness though have pronounced she is not a think in a attack.

Las Vegas troops pronounced Paddock was found passed in his hotel room
when they entered, presumably as a outcome of suicide. They
detected during slightest 10 rifles in his hotel room, pronounced Joseph
Lombardo, a policeman of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

Paddock owned dual aircraft and hold a pilot’s license, according
to the “Today” show. The Post
remarkable that Paddock had worked for a prototype association of
Lockheed Martin, a hulk invulnerability executive that builds planes.

Paddock lived in a suburbs around Mesquite, Nevada, that sits
nearby a limit with Arizona about an hour and a half from where
a sharpened took place, a troops said.

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay sharpened striking BI in houseAna Pelisson/Business Insider/Google

“We have no thought what his faith complement was,” Lombardo told
reporters. In a successive press conference, Lombardo pronounced “I
can’t get into a mind of a psychopath during this point.”

The Daily Mail
quoted Paddock’s hermit Eric as observant he and his mom were
“in shock” and “dumbfounded” after anticipating out about the
shooting. According to a Daily Mail, Eric Paddock described his
hermit as a normal male who contingency have “snapped.”

The troops are not questioning a conflict as an act of
terrorism during this time.

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