West Valley sound off: How cities maintain business

The Arizona Republic will frequently ask West Valley inaugurated officials to share their thoughts on issues.

While most of a West Valley is comparatively younger than other tools of metro Phoenix, there are several businesses in a area that have been around for many decades.

This week’s question: What privately does your city do to keep longtime businesses within a borders from possibly shutting emporium or relocating to another area?

Elected officials in El Mirage, Glendale and Youngtown did not respond to a question.

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Litchfield Park

“Litchfield Park, in a active magnitude to foster internal businesses, started a module in Jan 2014 called ‘Shop a Park.’ The purpose of a module is to inspire residents and visitors to emporium with Litchfield Park businesses.

“In a corner bid with internal businesses, a city distributes information during special events and online to foster city blurb entities. The city also sends out an online newsletter called ‘Shop a Park’ with promotional material. Many of a city sell businesses yield promotional material, including coupons and discounts, on a unchanging basis. For some-more information, revisit www.litchfield-park.org.”

Economic Development Director, Jim Rumpeltes


“Our proceed in Surprise is hands on! Our tiny business confidant is in consistent hit with locally owned businesses, assisting with expansion, franchise renegotiation, relocation or any emanate associated to their continued success in Surprise. Best of all, confidant Al DeAngelis was a career small-business owners himself before timid to assistance businesses in Surprise.

“We have a clever bond with a really active Regional Chamber of Commerce, whose offices are adjacent to City Hall. At a Az TechCelerator, we maintain earnest internal startups in an sourroundings of team-work and village commitment. It adds adult to a thriving, business-friendly community.”

Mayor Sharon Wolcott


“Buckeye supports a internal business by partnerships with groups such as a Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce and Buckeye Main Street Coalition. Organizations like these inspire people to emporium locally and use internal services so we as residents and internal business owners reap a biggest mercantile return.

“We also foster internal business by hosting events to expostulate new business to Buckeye’s sell establishments. We continue to deposit in extend programs for determined businesses to make extraneous masquerade improvements, and we are now operative on infrastructure/amenity enhancements to advantage a businesses in a downtown area.”

Vice Mayor Eric Orsborn


“Avondale takes active stairs to means ongoing relations with a businesses to safeguard their expansion and success. The city ceaselessly seeks submit from a business village to assistance us rise programs that accommodate their needs and support in augmenting their visibility, revenues and long-term viability.

“For a tiny businesses, we offer a Small Business Academy, a business-lending module to yield entrance to choice funding, a facade-improvement module in a ancestral area, and we horde and support countless special events to expostulate business traffic. Our mercantile expansion dialect meets frequently with private-sector employers to find out how they’re doing and ways we can support them.

“Avondale also has an assertive Shop Avondale module to inspire residents to emporium internal and support Avondale’s retailers.”

Mayor Kenn Weise


“Goodyear is committed to being a city of opportunity; therefore, business influence starts a initial time we accommodate with a business.

“We make businesses wakeful of state and city programs, business resources and a expansion process. City member also ask questions and try to expect evident and destiny needs. Additionally, we essay to make periodic hit with businesses so that issues can be addressed as they arise as good as to surprise them of ways to grow their business. For example, Goodyear’s Innovation Hub is a good apparatus for tiny businesses and startups that provides informational resources to inspire growth.”

Councilwoman Sheri Lauritano

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