Weld County teenagers can get summer practice assistance with this year’s Governor’s Summer Job Hunt

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced a start of a 2017 Governor’s Summer Job Hunt today, that is a module that helps bond thousands of high propagandize and college students opposite a state with practice opportunities, including in a Weld County area.

According to a news release, a module is administered by state and county-run Workforce Centers opposite Colorado, and it connects immature people with employers peaceful to give them a possibility to learn, put their skills to use and see firsthand how a business operates. This year outlines a 37th year for a program.

Employment Services of Weld County offers assistance in résumé writing, interviewing skills and pursuit hunt strategies to assistance girl benefit a rival corner in their pursuit hunt. The bureau also has entrance to a resources of pursuit listings and employees hit internal employers propelling them to give teen pursuit seekers a chance, a recover stated.

Even in a clever economy, according to a release, teenagers mostly onslaught to get a work knowledge they need. For immature people between 16 and 19 years old, a 2016 normal stagnation rate was 13 percent.

This past summer, Employment Services of Weld County helped 3,175 teens. Statewide, scarcely 47,000 high propagandize and college students perceived assistance, according to a news release.

“It’s one thing to tell immature people a value of meaningful how to spell or do elementary math, though it’s something else for them to commend how critical it is to get it right when they’re scheming a minute for work or carrying to make change,” pronounced module director Steve Wright in a release. “It creates a classroom training real.”

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