VIDEO: Winston County Senior Employment Program

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)—It feels good to be needed; to feel useful.

That’s since one Winston County organisation is training comparison residents and assisting them land jobs.

Jerome Moncrief spends hours given to Dean Park in Winston County. He is a senior, with a training disability.

Elmetra Patterson works with a Friends of Dean Park. She says adopting a Senior Employment Program creates clarity since it helps people like Jerome.

” We were approached by a comparison agency, that’s saved by a sovereign government, to spin a horde group for their program. That means that we would take on dual or 3 of their participants and sight them for sold employment,”said Patterson.

Friends of Dean Park teaches outside skills. Jerome says he gained a resources of believe training with them.

“I learn how to plant flowers, learn how to water, learn how to feed, we schooled how to do all that they showed me how to do,”said module participant Jerome Moncrief.

The Senior Employment Program is saved to sight seniors for 4 years.

Patterson says a module teaches profitable earthy skills and helps workers demeanour for a job.

” One of a advantages of a module for a seniors is that they have a pursuit developer and a pursuit counselor. The group hires them and they come here and they work with a trainees. They assistance them do resumes and they have to go to W.I.N. and request for jobs any compensate duration there. They have to spin in dual pursuit searches,”said Patterson.

To validate for a module participants contingency be 55 years or older, accommodate sovereign income discipline and contingency be unemployed.

Jerome’s brother, Richard Moncrief, is a President of a Friends of Dean Park Inc. He says adopting this module has done a encampment closer.

“It creates us feel good. It brings a seniors, a young, a center age all together and it creates a encampment spin that encampment that builds adult any other,”said Richard Moncrief.

As for Jerome, a many critical doctrine had zero to do with skills.

” we schooled how to have honour for people. Respect will take we along approach when we have honour for others.

This module is sponsored by a Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

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