Veterans Find Employment At HARDCAR

HARDCAR Security is a veteran-led classification that leverages a specific skills and talents of ex-military officers for a staff. It provides a cannabis attention with a accumulation of high-tech services directed during safeguarding their cash, cannabis, and people with military-grade security, pursuit itself a “game-changer” within a attention and it does this with a assistance of veterans.

The company’s use indication was borne from a specific competencies that veterans move to their services of transporting medical cannabis, and safeguarding cannabis grow operations. HARDCAR embraces a professionalism and care knowledge from a troops and relates it to a high-stakes cannabis environment.

Impacting Veterans Employment

Aside from a idea to turn a many high-tech cannabis confidence use in a nation, HARDCAR aspires to make a certain impact on veterans’ practice statistics and their compared narratives in a country.

The post-9/11 veterans faced a significantly high stagnation rate during re-integration into municipal society, many desiring that it was due to a tarnish compared with PTSD, with rates being as high as 12.1% in 2011. At this time, veterans were descending behind their non-service maestro counterparts in snagging a jobs they were competent for.

In 2016, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reported that active practice programs like a “Hire a Heroes” contributed to slicing veterans’ stagnation in half.
The finish of 2017 showed a diminution in a stagnation rate of a country’s veterans over a prior year from 4.1 in 2016, descending to 3.8%, according to a Veterans’ Employment and Training Service.

While a stagnation numbers have depressed and uncover any reason to be positive, underemployment is a opposite issue. Many veterans are returning to maestro life with modernized skills that are tough to find a place for and are anticipating jobs in that their underutilized, ensuing in a miss of maestro fulfillment.

Returning To Civilian Life

“It can be really formidable to find your place in a universe after portion in a military,” says Aaron Augustis, a former Sergeant and Combat Engineer in a U.S. Army, Airborne, “I gifted problem with my transition behind into municipal life. we would have wild waves of emotions that would strike me.”

Todd Kleperis, a former veteran, and owner and CEO of HARDCAR refers to a 8 full-time and 20 part-time employees as “instant coffee”, as they are ready-equipped and highly-trained to get a pursuit done. “Our ‘boots on a ground’ fight knowledge is essential to a success,” describes Augustis, “Situational awareness, flexibility, adaptability, discipline, concentration and proclivity and some of a personal qualities that any of a veterans brings to a work.”

“Each canna run or income run is a mission,” Augustis says of millions of dollars of income and cannabis changed opposite California by HARDCAR, “Running missions with a purpose of providing protected medicine and meaningful that a training and knowledge can still be put to use in municipal universe gives us a clarity of purpose again.”

The Everyday Realities of PTSD

Some days Augustis would find himself literally immobilized in fear. He’d be meditative of where he had been portion in Iraq, how dangerous a situations were that he had been in, and a fact that he scarcely transient genocide too many times. These thoughts replayed over and over in his mind to a indicate that he couldn’t work, and finished adult dropping out of a module he’d enrolled in during a village college.

Augustis’ story isn’t uncommon. Thousands of veterans are returning home with a problem of carrying to reintegrate into a maestro universe while struggling with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). “My bottled-up emotions that we had suppressed in Iraq began to detonate out,” Augustus recalls about a time in his life he only couldn’t seem to cope adequate to concentration on rebuilding his life after combat. Desperate to move fortitude behind into his life, he looked to medicinal cannabis in his home state of California.

Finding Hope In Cannabis

“By regulating cannabis, we was means to delayed things down in my mind and be some-more benefaction and stable,” says Augustis, who is now meaningfully engaged within a cannabis attention in California. “I have first-hand knowledge when traffic with combat-related PTSD and know how cannabis helps. To dispossess others of medical cannabis who are experiencing PTSD symptoms is not implicitly right.”
Now means to cope with a symptoms of his PTSD, Augustis has turn a vicious couple for entrance to cannabis for veterans. Augustis enjoys a purpose as Veterans’ Services Liaison with HARDCAR Security, a association providing modernized safety, transportation, and confidence services to a cannabis industry.

“HARDCAR gives us that event to offer a republic again by providing protected and arguable entrance to medical cannabis,” says Augustis.

“It’s a right thing to do,” Kleperis states when asked because HARDCAR focuses on veterans’ employment, “We like their attitude. Our employees are happy and are doing something they love. What else matters?”

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