US Rep. Tipton will concentration on finance, veterans in 2017 Congress

As a year comes to a close, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton looks to continue focusing on finance, veterans affairs and health care.

Tipton, a Republican from Cortez, again will paint Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, that includes a Western Slope, all of Southwest Colorado and tools of southern Colorado. He has served a district given 2011, and he degraded Democrat Gail Schwartz in Nov for a fourth term.

Tipton expelled a mainstay by his communications bureau on Dec. 9 highlighting legislation he was concerned in over a past year and concentration areas he anticipates in 2017.

“My primary concentration this Congress has been on advancing policies that grow jobs, coax mercantile growth, and support health and reserve in a communities,” Tipton wrote.

Rolling behind regulationsTipton will continue to offer on a House Committee on Financial Services, as good as a Congressional Western Caucus and Small Business Caucus, according to his communications director, Liz Payne.

“Generally, a concentration of a new Congress will be to demeanour during regulations that President (Barack) Obama has put brazen in a sore steep event and rolling those back, generally ones that step on states’ rights,” Payne said.

Those regulations competence embody a Affordable Care Act, a Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, a Bureau of Land Management Planning 2.0 Program and a Department of Labor’s fiduciary and overtime rules, Payne said.

In 2015, Tipton introduced House Resolution 2896, that would discharge and streamline manners from financial regulatory agencies, including some in a Dodd Frank Act. The fortitude intends to concede banks and credit unions to concentration some-more resources on providing services to customers, instead of devoting resources to regulatory compliance, according to Tipton’s website.

“Outside of a Financial Services Committee, my concentration has been on safeguarding a H2O rights, holding a EPA accountable for a forward actions in Gold King Mine, and operative to find solutions to a opioid widespread that has ravaged so many of a communities,” Tipton wrote in a column.

EPA, BLM accountabilityAmong environmental issues, Tipton pronounced he supports a Water Infrastructure Improvements for a Nation Act. President Obama sealed a check into law on Dec. 16, according to a White House news release.

That check includes a sustenance that would assist a routine for states, internal governments, and tribes seeking to replenish losses they incurred after a Gold King Mine spill.

Tipton also is operative to allege HR 3189, that would strengthen private H2O rights, a mainstay states.

The BLM’s Planning 2.0 module aims to boost open appearance in a agency’s land-use formulation process, according to a agency’s website.

Veterans and drug abuse tip issuesOpioid drug abuse and veterans affairs continue to be priorities for Tipton, Payne said.

This year, Tipton hold a array of roundtable meetings around a district to residence issues of opioid and medication drug abuse.

Payne pronounced there has been a lot of swell on that emanate during a sovereign level, and Tipton is operative to make certain things he listened during those roundtable meetings also are listened in a Capitol.

The 21st Century Cures Act, introduced as HR 6 by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., addresses opioid abuse, mental health issues and growth of cures for 7,000 singular diseases. It upheld Congress and was sealed into law on Dec. 13.

The check speeds adult a capitulation routine for new drugs and adds appropriation for research, including a “cancer moonshot” beginning led by Vice President Joe Biden. The appropriation will also assist investigate on opioid abuse and mind diseases, including Alzheimer’s, and allocates $1 billion in state grants to addition opioid-abuse impediment and diagnosis activities.

Department of Veterans Affairs matters such as peculiarity of caring and accessibility of appointments are long-lived issues in a Capitol, Payne said.

The House upheld several bills this month per a VA, including House Resolutions 6416, 5399 and 4352, according to a recover from Tipton’s office.

Those bills concentration on augmenting burden within a VA, peculiarity of caring during VA facilities, and entrance to preparation and rehab services for veterans, a recover states.

Improving categorical streetsAs a member of a Congressional Small Business Caucus, ancillary parochial entrepreneurs is critical for Tipton.

Tipton sponsored HR 6287, a Making Online Banking Initiation Legal and Easy Act, in September.

“With a House Republicans’ Better Way Agenda as a guide, we have a genuine event to get a nation behind on track,” he wrote.

The tip concentration for a new Congress will be repealing a Affordable Care Act, he said.

“Then we’ll spin a concentration to enacting a reforms we’ve grown over a past year to quarrel poverty, revive inherent power, concede people to keep some-more of their hard-earned money, and reconstruct a inhabitant defense.

“We have a high charge forward of us, though we’ll strike a belligerent using in 2017.”

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