Universia and Trabajando.com launch practice portal for Yale

The Universia-Trabajando.com Labor Community has grown an exclusive, customized practice portal for Yale University that provides a students and graduates with entrance to pursuit and internship opportunities in several companies in Ibero-America. 

Over 500 companies in 7 Ibero-American countries — Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Spain — will use this multi-language channel (English and Spanish) to post pursuit and internship vacancies, enabling members of a Yale village to find general practice opportunities. 

The portal will yield entrance to practice opportunities in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, industry, energy, tellurian resources, tourism, and many others, that will be posted on a Yale Employment Portal by multinational companies.

The beginning will capacitate companies to partisan a best talent from a eminent undergraduate and postgraduate schools during Yale, one of a world’s inaugural universities.

Yale University is a initial higher-education establishment in a United States to join a Universia and Trabajando.com Labor Community, that has grown to turn a primary apparatus used for pursuit and internship searches in Latin America. The Universia and Trabajando.com Labor Community now facilities over 250,000 pursuit and internship opportunities.

The beginning represents a serve step by a Universia–Trabajando.com Labor Community toward a goals of assisting companies attract university talent and fostering employability by facilitating veteran internships and initial jobs. 

The new practice portal is partial of a partnership agreement between Yale and Universia that was sealed in 2013. In further to furthering a growth of Yale students’ careers in Ibero-America, a agreement stipulates that Universia will make a operation of arts, science, and veteran courses famous as Open Yale Courses accessible on a platforms. To promote a Ibero-American community’s entrance to these courses, Universia will yield translations of name Open Yale Courses into Spanish and Portuguese. 

Universia is also operative with Yale to furnish Spanish translations of a articles in Yale Environment 360, a repository published during a Yale School of Forestry Environmental Studies.

About a Universia-Trabajando.com Labor Community

Universia is a network comprised of 1,290 universities, representing a sum of 16.8 million university students and teachers. It is benefaction in 23 Ibero-American countries (Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, a Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela). Universia’s 4 vital lines of movement are Knowledge, Collaboration, Employment, and Future.

Universia is a Corporate Social Responsibility plan by Banco Santander that has turn an general benchmark.

Over a past few years a Labor Community has turn a tellurian personality in online recruitment and staff preference markets and in a classification of pursuit fairs and tellurian resources conferences.

Trabajando.com was founded in 1999 as a initial pursuit website in Chile. It now operates in 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Mexico), creation it a heading practice village in Ibero-America.

Trabajando.com is some-more than a pursuit website. It is an practice village done adult of an endless network of dependent sites, including critical universities, institutes, chambers of commerce, business associations, and internal governments, among other affiliates.

In 2008 a Universia-Trabajando.com Labor Community was formed. The fondness authorised a dual organizations to offer a single, standardised pursuit hunt indication that uses a rival advantage to pursue a latest technology, flexibility, and a biggest probable efficiency.

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