Under Armour Inc. in 5 Charts

Under Armour(NYSE: UAA) (NYSE: UA) shares underperformed both a broader marketplace and opposition Nike (NYSE: NKE)in 2016 as investors reacted to a sports attire specialist’s worsening distinction outlook. There’s many some-more to a business than only negligence gain gains, though.

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Here are a few charts that constraint Under Armour’s latest business trends and a pivotal opportunities for destiny growth.

Sales expansion streak

UAA income (quarterly year-over-year growth) information by YCharts.

Under Armour has logged 26 true buliding of 20% or improved year-over-year sales growth. That considerable winning strain has helped pull annual income to a $5 billion gait from reduction than $1.5 billion in 2011. Revenue some-more than doubled over a final 3 mercantile years, creation it one of a fastest-growing companies in a SP 500.

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Footwear business

Annual shoes sales in millions. Chart by author. Data source: Under Armour financial filings.

Spiking shoes sales have been pivotal to a market-thumping growth. That product difficulty was value only 13% of income in 2011 though is about to pass $1 billion of annual sales and comment for some-more than 20% of Under Armour’s business.

Key sponsorships, including of NBA star Stephen Curry, have helped. But a association also has a clever lane record of innovating opposite sports, styles, and cost points. Its latest Gemini and Bandit code launches were hits with customers. Nearly a decade after it introduced a initial football cleat, it now has a many renouned chronicle on a marketplace during a significantly aloft normal price.

Going global

Annual income from outward of a U.S. Chart by author. Data source: Under Armour financial filings.

Under Armour is apropos some-more of a tellurian brand. International income done adult 6% of sales in 2012, 9% in 2014, and is projected by government to strike 18% of a business by 2018. Even if it hits that assertive target, it will be distant behind opposition Nike (NYSE: NKE), that depends some-more than 50% of sales from markets outward of a United States.

Gross distinction domain decline

UAA sum distinction domain (TTM) information by YCharts.

Profitability is during a 10-year low, with sum distinction domain recently descending to 47% of sales. Part of that decrease can be tied to a augmenting coherence on footwear, that tends to lift reduce distinction margins than apparel. However, Under Armour has also struggled recently with additional inventory, that has forced towering use of cost cuts. It isn’t alone in this challenge. Nike is on lane to broach a second true mercantile year of reduce profitability, too.

Long-term forecast

Image source: Under Armour’s Sept. 2015 financier day presentation.

The batch took a hit after CEO Kevin Plank and his executive group walked behind their medium-term distinction forecast. Management still believes a association will strike $7.5 billion in annual sales by 2018. However, it will expected tumble brief of a $800 million annual handling income target.

One cause behind a hillside is a weakening U.S. market. Distribution is removing worse interjection to new bankruptcies like a one that liquidated Sports Authority. These changes disproportionately harm Under Armour relations to bigger competitors like Nike since it about half of a retailing participation as a marketplace leader. It’s also apropos more expensive for Under Armour — and rivals — to close adult a selling deals that energy their long-run growth.

Wall Street never likes to hear about negligence distinction gains. But Under Armour is creation a right choice in prioritizing expansion over gain right now.

There will expected be copiousness of room for expanding margins once a association passes a $7.5 billion sales miracle in 2018. Looking serve out, if it can strech a $10 billion tellurian scale, Under Armour should suffer absolute precedence for generating augmenting financier returns.

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