UK financial watchdog criticised for "absurd" spend on new trademark probably matching to aged one

Chris Philp, who was a Tory MP for Croydon South, said that a trademark spend was “an absurd rubbish of open money” that “badly let’s down a public.”

That view was echoed by Wes Streeting, who was a Labour MP for Illford North and sat with Mr Philp on the Treasury Select Committee.

He said that a regulator would be “better off adhering to a day pursuit of looking during financial control where it has a flattering large to-do list rather than wasting open money.”

“People caring reduction about what a trademark looks like and some-more about a FCA doing a job,” he added. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was MP for North East Somerset and also sat on a Committee, weighed in by job a whole pierce “little some-more than vanity.” 

He said:  “It is tough to see because open bodies need a logo. Regulators do not sell their things though lift a mandatory levy to perform orthodox duties. This creates their open family output small some-more than vanity.” 

However an FCA orator insisted that a costs met a regulators communications bill “and takes into comment the value for income objective.” 

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