Trump attacks Stephen Curry, disinvites a Golden State Warriors from a White House in early morning tweet

Klay Thompson, Steph
Curry, and Kevin Durant of a Golden State

Marcio Jose

President Donald Trump pounded Stephen Curry and a Golden
State Warriors on Twitter Saturday morning over reports that they
were deliberation skipping their White House visit. 

The NBA champion Warriors were
reportedly formulation to accommodate as a team
and confirm either to
go to a White House, per tradition, due to their dislike of

Going to a White House is deliberate a good respect for a
championship team,” Trump tweeted. “Stephen Curry is
hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

Several Warriors players including Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry
formerly voiced misgivings about a visit.

Curry told reporters Friday that he does not wish to go to the
White House as a summary to Trump.

That we don’t mount for fundamentally what a President has –
a things that he’s pronounced and a things that he hasn’t pronounced in
a right times, that we won’t mount for it,”
Curry said
. “And by behaving and not going, hopefully that will
enthuse some change when it comes to what we endure in this
nation and what is supposed and what we spin a blind eye to.
It’s not only a act of not going there.”

The Fox News morning uncover Fox Friends, that Trump is

famous to watch voraciously
, aired a shred on Curry’s
comments just a few
mins before a tweet

White House visits are customarily instituted by a president
in a call to a manager or owner. The Trump administration
had not contacted the Warriors about a outing
according to ESPN

Both a Chicago Cubs and New England Patriots visited the
White House given Trump took office. Both teams owners have close
ties to Trump.

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