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Treasure Coast Employment Outlook

As of Nov 2016, a Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Labor Market Institute reported a stagnation rate in a CareerSource Research Coast area during 5.6 percent, only somewhat aloft than a region’s Nov 2015 stagnation rate of 5.5 percent.

Out of a sum labor force of 267,132 for a Treasure Coast, there were 14,900 residents unemployed. Martin County continues with a lowest stagnation rate for a segment during 4.9 percent, followed by St. Lucie County during 5.7 percent and Indian River during 6.2 percent.

The CareerSource Research Coast segment is comprised of both a Port St. Lucie Metropolitan Statistical area (which also includes Martin County), and a Sebastian-Vero Metropolitan Statistical area. The total practice in Nov 2016 for both areas was 193,600 jobs, a benefit 2,900 jobs over a past year.

Some of a attention sectors that gained jobs over a year were preparation and health services, that combined 1,300 jobs, followed by convenience and liberality with 1,000 jobs, and veteran and business services gained an additional 400.

Focusing on needs of pivotal industries can accelerate informal mercantile competitiveness

Local workforce growth has traditionally focused on a needs of singular employers rather than industries. This plan has done it intensely severe to know and rise unsentimental solutions to accommodate a needs of an attention zone as a whole.

The Department of Labor describes zone strategies as regional, industry-focused approaches to building a learned workforce and are among a many effective ways to align open and private resources to residence a talent needs of employers.

Sector initiatives:

Sector-driven initiatives assistance with a recruitment, upskilling and influence of workers to accommodate a direct of a aim attention sector. An instance would be a origination of a pre-apprenticeship that feeds into an tutelage module to sight a new era of learned trade workers.

Applying these strategies to pivotal sectors in a informal economy, such as healthcare, production and learned trades is a win-win for both employers and pursuit seekers; a business gains a learned worker and a pursuit seeker attains a skills and certifications required to build a career trail to a larger mercantile opportunity.

Marcelo Dossantos is a executive of business services during CareerSource Research Coast, a private, nonprofit corporation. Its goal is to foster a splendid mercantile destiny by a coordination of workforce growth activities and services in a three-county area.

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