This 27-Year-Old Couple Built A $1M Solo Business In One Year

When Ben and Camille Arneberg motionless to start their ecommerce business, a married integrate set a large goal: Breaking $1 million in revenue.

The high-energy span pulled it off during Willow and Everett, an upscale housewares store they run on their possess website and Amazon. They strike a symbol in April, one year and 4 days after their launch.

The Arnebergs are among a flourishing series of entrepreneurs starting ultra-lean businesses that have damaged $1 million in sales though employing normal employees.

The U.S. Census Bureau found that 33,624 non-employer firms—that is, businesses where a owners are a usually employees—brought in $1 million to $2.49 million in income in 2014. That is an 11% boost from 2013 and a 45% boost from 2009. Another 1,991 non-employer firms brought in $2.5 million to $4.99 million in 2014–up 17% from 2013. Meanwhile, an chosen 365 firms brought in $5 million in income or more, adult 10% from 332 in 2013.

Thanks to a expansion of a internet, amicable media, freelancing, automation and other trends that support high-revenue microbusinesses, a expansion shows no signs of slowing. “All of a barriers to entrance are entrance down,” says Ben. “It’s exciting.”

So how did a Arnebergs, both 27 years old, grasp their idea so quickly? Neither had a low credentials in retail. Ben, who complicated mechanism scholarship during Northeastern University, is an operative and module manager. Camille, who warranted her M.S. in open relations, with a concentration on nonprofits and sustainability, attempted operative in a corporate sustainability margin though eventually wanted a non-corporate lifestyle. She started a marriage photography business in Sep 2014 that morphed into a full-time try over time.

Ben and Camille Arneberg, founders of a fast-growing ecommerce store Willow and Everett (Credit: Annamarie Akins Photography)

I recently had a possibility to pronounce with a couple, formed in Washington, D.C., about their plan for success. Here is what they shared.

Find a product that you—and your customers—love. Before rising Willow and Everett, a Arnebergs started a fitness-related ecommerce business that sole application sleeves, a using accessory. Both are into aptness and adore running—Camille is a approved personal tutor and Ben was on a Air Force parachute team—so a business seemed like a good fit.

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