These Glass Doctor Franchisees Found Smashing Success in a Family Business

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Franchise: Glass Doctor

Franchisees: Husband-and-wife group Kevin and Tamara Tennant

Franchisee/Location: Glass Doctor, of Fairbanks, during a North Pole, Alaska

Number of years in business/Number employees: 6 years as independant entrepreneurs, 11 as franchisees/ 6 employees

Initial Investment: $30,000, on average/Tennants’ cost was $12,000

Kevin Tennant initial braved a rigors of life during a North Pole as a sergeant in a Air Force. But after withdrawal a use and determining to start a family business in his new home in Alaska, he faced a rigors of something equally dangerous: glass. That’s how Kevin and his mother Tamara found themselves knee-deep in a internal dumpster 20 years ago, digging out shards of potion from trashed windshields.

The indicate was to use a potion to learn themselves glass-repair skills. So, a integrate invested $500 in a rock-chip kit, released those windshields from that dumpster — ironically, a skill of a destiny aspirant — and spent hours on hours during their kitchen list operative with their kit. For income, Kevin assimilated a National Guard, and Tamara worked during a internal video store.

Still, heightening their skills, so to speak, in potion correct was primary. “At a time, we had 0 knowledge correct chipped windshields,” Kevin Tennant relates by email. “We did make a few phone calls to a association that sole us a rock-chip correct kit, though many of what we know was schooled by hearing and error. We eventually gathering 400 miles down to Anchorage to work in a emporium for giveaway so we could learn how to reinstate windshields, in further to correct them.”

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After an even bigger investment — a squeeze of a lorry — a Tennants took their rock-chip correct pack and a scanty knowledge they had and non-stop for business in Jan 1998. Just 6 months later, they were doing full replacements, in further to stone chip repairs. “Business was sepulchral and a distinction fast surpassed Tamara’s income during a internal video store,” Tennant says. “By fall, a increase surpassed my income from a National Guard, as well, and we done a potion business a full-time venture.”

In 2005, after 9 years as eccentric glass-repair business owners, came a Tennants’ pierce to franchising. “Glass Doctor reached out to me; their devise was constrained adequate for me to fly to Waco, Texas, and take a firsthand look,” Tennant says. “I saw an event to grow my business, with a ton of assistance and support from a association we was totally aligned with.”

The couple, who already had many of a apparatus they needed, purchased a authorization and brand-specific apparatus and signage for $12,000 and pacifist in — only as they had to that dumpster — training themelves about selling and handling a business’ books. “I’ve schooled to work smarter not harder, and we try to work on my business — not in it,” Tennant writes. “I now feel that we could learn others how to successfully work on their businesses since of all a preparation and support supposing by Glass Doctor over a years.”

That preparation enclosed assistance from what a association calls a Sure Start consultant, as good as a authorization consultant that Tennant was in consistent hit with. “At conferences, we paid quite tighten courtesy to a many successful franchisees that attended and what they had to say,” Tennant says. “Glass Doctor is always only a phone call or email away; and, but fail, someone there always had a answer we was looking for.”

En route, there were some hiccups. “The many astonishing plea was not carrying a faith to trust in a complement that was proven to work time and time again,” Tennant says. “In a beginning, we was too realistic to take all a recommendation given by Glass Doctor and deliberate many of it as not germane in my market. we frequently unsuccessful to yield my authorization consultant profitable information concerning my business so he could assistance me by comparing benchmarks with other franchisees.”

The Tennants’ business is now one of Glass Doctor’s many successful franchisees. Now, they’re “transitioning from expansion mode to consultant mode,” Tennant says. And a recommendation he offers? It’s that intensity other franchisees ask themselves overtly if they’re prepared to exercise a authorization complement and use it to a fullest, Tennant says. If not, “I suggest we sojourn an exclusively owned business.”

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