The Yik Yak app is strictly dead

YikYak founders Brooks Buffington and Tyler DrollYik

Yik Yak will be shutting down a unknown discuss app in a next
week as a propagandize year draws to a close, a company
announced on Friday

The unknown discuss app used to be valued during $4oo million after
lifting some-more than $73 million in try capital.

At a prime, Yik Yak was deliberate a heavenly of a anonymous
messaging space, carrying captivated a immature user bottom of college
students that would compulsively open a app mixed times a
day to stay informed. However, Yik Yak had difficulty enticing
people to hang around, generally as Snapchat took off.

“We were so propitious to have a many ardent users on the
planet. It’s we who done this tour possible,” the founders
pronounced in their good-bye note
. “The time has come, however, for
a paths to partial ways, as we’ve motionless to make a subsequent moves
as a company.”

The app will be circuitous down during a finish of a propagandize year, the
founders, Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, said. Some of the
engineering talent will be fasten Square during their bureau in
Atlanta. Bloomberg
primarily reported
that a payments association had spent $3
million to move on some of a engineering team, though
an SEC filing after on Friday
from Square suggested that it
usually spent $1 million for practice agreements and to
permit certain egghead skill from a company.

Founded in 2013, Yik Yak
during initial grew rapidly
as high schoolers and college students
latched onto a unknown messaging app. However, a company
faced problems with nuisance and bullying in a app and never
utterly found a good approach to fight it. Last August,
it done a move
to do divided with unknown and supplement real
profiles, though it never took off in a same approach again. Yik Yak
laid off
60% of a team
during a finish of 2016. 

Now, Yik Yak will be shuttering a app as what’s left of the
association starts “tinkering around with what’s forward for our
brand, a technology, and ourselves.”

“Building Yik Yak – both a app we used and a association that
powered it – was a greatest, hardest, many enjoyable, most
stressful, and eventually many rewarding knowledge we’ve ever
had,” a founders said. 

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