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ubiquitous perspective shows Castello highway in Aleppo, Syria Sep 16,


BEIRUT/MOSCOW (Reuters) – U.S.-led bloc atmosphere strikes killed
dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday, Russia and a monitoring
organisation said, putting a U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire in jeopardy
and call an puncture U.N. Security Council meeting.

The United States troops pronounced a bloc stopped a attacks
opposite what it had believed to be Islamic State positions in
northeast Syria after Russia sensitive it that Syrian military
crew and vehicles might have been hit. 

A U.S. troops central pronounced he was “pretty sure” targets
incorrectly strike in a strikes were Syrian forces.

Russia called for an puncture assembly of a United Nations
Security Council after a incident, and diplomats pronounced the
15-member physique was due to accommodate behind sealed doors during 7:30 p.m.

Moscow cited a strikes, that authorised Islamic State fighters to
quickly overshoot a Syrian army position nearby Deir al-Zor airport,
as justification that a United States was assisting a jihadist

“We are reaching a unequivocally terrifying end for a whole
world: That a White House is fortifying Islamic State. Now there
can be no doubts about that,” a RIA Novosti news organisation quoted
Russian Foreign Ministry mouthpiece Maria Zakharova as saying.

She pronounced a strikes threatened to criticise a ceasefire in
Syria brokered by Russia, that has been helping Syria’s President
Bashar al-Assad in a polite war, and a United States, which
has corroborated some mutinous groups.

The Russian Defence Ministry pronounced U.S. jets had killed some-more than
60 Syrian soldiers in 4 atmosphere strikes by dual F-16s and dual A-10s
entrance from a instruction of Iraq. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based
monitoring organisation with contacts opposite Syria, cited a military
source during Deir al-Zor airfield as observant during slightest 80 Syrian
soldiers had been killed.

The ceasefire, that took outcome on Monday, is a most
poignant peacemaking bid in Syria for months, though has been
undermined by steady accusations of violations on both sides
and by a disaster to pierce charitable assist to besieged

Apart from a U.S. and Russian involvement, Assad is supported
by Iran and Arab Shi’ite militias, while Sunni rebels seeking to
replace him are corroborated by Turkey and Gulf Arab states. 

All a warring parties are also sworn enemies of Islamic State,
whose domain extends along a Euphrates hollow from a Iraqi
border, including around Deir al-Zor, adult to land nearby Syria’s
limit with Turkey.

In a sixth year, a dispute has cost hundreds of thousands of
lives, replaced half of Syria’s pre-war population, stirred a
interloper predicament in a Middle East and Europe and desirous a wave
of jihadist attacks opposite a world.

Syria’s army pronounced a U.S.-led strikes, that took place at
around 5 p.m. internal time (10.00 a.m. ET) were “conclusive
evidence” of U.S. support for Islamic State, job them
“dangerous and blatant aggression”. 

The U.S. troops pronounced in a matter that Syria was a “complex
situation” though that “coalition army would not intentionally
strike a famous Syrian troops unit”. 

Islamic State pronounced around a Amaq news channel it had taken
finish control of Jebel Tharda, where a inebriated position was
located, that would have authorised it to disremember government-held
areas of Deir al-Zor.

The city’s airfield and some districts have been entirely
surrounded by Islamic State given final year, with a airport
providing their usually outmost access. 

However, Russia and Syrian state media pronounced a Syrian army later
recaptured positions it had lost. The Observatory monitoring
organisation pronounced during slightest 20 Islamic State fighters were killed in
complicated Russian atmosphere strikes during that fighting. 

The occurrence also threatens to criticise due corner targeting
by a United States and Russia of Islamic State and some other
jihadist groups opposite Syria. 

Shaky truce

Earlier on Saturday, Russia and Syrian rebels expel doubt over the
prospects for a increasingly unsure ceasefire, with Moscow
observant a conditions was worsening and a comparison mutinous warning
that a equal “will not reason out”. 

While a ceasefire has reduced fighting, some assault has
persisted opposite Syria. Meanwhile, there has been small movement
on betrothed assist deliveries to besieged areas and both sides have
indicted a other of bad faith. 

Russia’s Defence Ministry pronounced conditions in Syria were
deteriorating, adding that it believed a ceasefire had been
breached 199 times by rebels and observant a United States would
be obliged if it were to collapse. 

After a Deir al-Zor attack, it pronounced Moscow had told a United
States to rein in a Syrian antithesis and make certain it did not
launch a new offensive, adding that it had sensitive Washington
about a thoroughness of rebels north of Hama. 

Insurgents contend they usually reluctantly ostensible a initial deal,
that they trust is lopsided opposite them, since it could
soothe a apocalyptic charitable conditions in besieged areas they
control, and blamed Russia for undermining a truce. 

“The truce, as we have warned, and we told a (U.S.) State
Department – will not reason out,” a comparison mutinous central in
Aleppo said, indicating to a continued participation of a U.N. aid
procession during a Turkish limit available accede to enter. 

Rebels have also indicted Russia of regulating a ceasefire to give
a Syrian army and associated Shi’ite militias a possibility to regroup
and muster army prepared for their possess offensives. 

Overnight shelling

Both sides have indicted a other of being obliged for aid
deliveries being stranded distant from Aleppo, where army and rebel
army were ostensible to lift behind from a Castello Road which
leads into besieged, insurgent-held eastern districts. 

Russia on Friday pronounced a Syrian army had primarily cold but
returned to a positions after being dismissed on by rebels, who in
spin contend they saw no pointer of supervision army ever withdrawal their

“There is no change,” Zakariya Malahifji, an central for a rebel
organisation in Aleppo, pronounced on Saturday when asked either there had
been any pierce by a army to repel from positions along the

Syria’s supervision pronounced it was doing all that was required for
a attainment of assist to those in need in all tools of a country,
quite eastern Aleppo. 

Two convoys of assist for Aleppo have been watchful during a Turkish
limit for days. The U.N. has pronounced both sides in a fight are to
censure for a check of assist to Aleppo, where conjunction has yet
cold from a Castello Road. 

The supervision pronounced a highway was being dismissed on by rebels, so it
could not give convoys a pledge of safety. The rebels repudiate the

Senior U.N. officials have indicted a supervision of unwell to
yield letters to concede convoys to strech other besieged areas in

(Additional stating by Tom Perry in Beirut, Katya Golubkova and
Andrew Osborn in Moscow, Olesya Astakhova in Bishkek, Phil
Stewart in Split, Croatia, Patricia Zengerle in Washington,
Michelle Nichols in New York and Humeyra Pamuk in Istanbul;
Editing by Dominic Evans, Paul Simao and Mary Milliken)

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