Ted Cruz Hits Donald Trump’s Business Record on Mogul’s Home Turf

Following his win in Wisconsin Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz changed his campaigning to Donald Trump’s home state, New York, and seems prepared to pounce on a genuine estate mogul’s business record in a Empire State.

In an talk with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Cruz decorated his Wisconsin feat as a branch indicate that gives him movement in states to come. New York is a subsequent state adult in a ongoing hunt to strech 1,237 representatives and secure the GOP nomination.

“The feat in Wisconsin was opposite a board,” Cruz said. “It was a 13-point feat and we know, 3 weeks ago, we were behind by 10 points in Wisconsin.”

Stephanopoulos held adult with Cruz during Sabrosura 2, a grill in a Bronx, where Cruz was assembly with Hispanic and African-American pastors and faith leaders. As a competition pivots to New York, Trump’s home turf, Cruz is not subsidy down from argumentative remarks he has done about “New York values.”

In January, Cruz initial used a tenure “New York values” as a approach to throw an insult during Trump. Cruz attempted to explain his clarification of a term.

“Let me be really clear. The people that we was articulate about are a magnanimous New York Democrats who have beaten this state. It is people like Mayor Bill de Blasio. It is people like Governor Cuomo,” Cruz told Stephanopoulos.

Cruz argued that a Hispanic and African-American pastors with whom was assembly concluded with his statements about New York values.

The Texas senator seems prepared to take his conflict on Trump’s values to an conflict on a genuine estate mogul’s business record.

“Republicans, we wish to win,” Cruz said. “We wish to kick Hillary. The final thing we wish is to commission someone like Donald Trump, who, over and over again, has allegations of rascal opposite him, has litigation. Last thing we wish is to commission someone who’s going to be on a declare mount in Oct and Nov as most as Hillary Clinton.”

Cruz referenced Trump University, a shuttered business try for Trump that has been a source of a class-action lawsuit.

“The Trump University lawsuit that he defrauded thousands of people with a feign university, took their money, scammed them, that’s scheduled to go to hearing this summer,” Cruz said.

Trump has pronounced he’ll win a lawsuit filed opposite Trump University and shielded a try final month.

“It was a really good thing, Trump pronounced on Mar 8. “We are putting it on hold. If we turn boss that means Ivanka, Don, Eric and my family will start adult and we have a lot of good people who wish to get behind into Trump University. It’s going to do good and continue to do really well.”

While Cruz seems prepared for a quarrel with Trump, he is also confronting attacks from New Yorkers not fervent to acquire him. His debate stop in a Bronx was interrupted Wednesday by dual protesters who called him a “right-wing bigot” who didn’t go in a Bronx. The protesters decorated a Bronx as an newcomer village and strike Cruz for his position on illegal immigration.

But Cruz stood his ground. “Look, there was one loud-mouth protester,” he said. “I mean, in a city of New York, we can find one loud-mouth protester.”

Cruz didn’t behind down from his record on immigration, either, revelation Stephanopoulos that “we are a republic of laws.”

Cruz thinks that his mercantile summary can overcome those doubt his immigration record in places like a Bronx where there are vast Hispanic communities.

“Number one, we’re in a tiny business. We’re in a restaurant,” he pronounced of Wednesday’s venue. “And my concentration is really most on tiny businesses since mercantile opportunity, jobs, come from tiny businesses.

“Number two, this was a assembly of pastors, of Hispanic pastors, of African-American pastors, here in a Bronx; we are building a extended and different coalition.”

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