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Shame on a Pittsburgh propagandize district for sanctimonious that a open reserve module for Westinghouse High School is a new initiative. (“Westinghouse High to Offer Public Safety Training Program,” Nov. 13).  As mentioned in a story, for several years a district had an glorious prolific open reserve module during Peabody High School. It was good determined with the veteran organizations in a segment and was one of a programs highlighted in an ominous leaflet about career technical programs in a district. 

We also had a smaller module during Langley High School. Both programs were consummated for the district to combine on what it called “more severe college prep courses” and prepare students for a Pittsburgh Promise. In further to a open reserve program, other hands-on technical programs were sealed callously but meditative about those students who had no seductiveness in college.

If they were not terminated, afterwards they were shoveled off in a dilemma of a conventional high propagandize with small bearing of how a module worked. The good pull was to prepare all students for a Pittsburgh Promise, not to sidetrack them into a career trades. During my many speeches before a propagandize house on technical education, my question was “Why doesn’t Pittsburgh have a best career and technical high school? Other civic regions do!” 

With a stream problems building during Westinghouse and Wilkinsburg high schools per a merger, it would be fitting to emanate a model technical high propagandize with college prep courses. 

I demur to call Pittsburgh an ideal place to live until a propagandize district provides useful educational programs that will keep immature people in a segment and employed.

Squirrel Hill

The author is a late propagandize principal and late executive of technical preparation in Pittsburgh.

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