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If you’re looking for automobile insurance, make certain you’re armed with a many information about a discounts that we validate for. Money consultant Matt Granite has several statistics that can assistance we save in a automobile word game.


A automobile word process can include of mixed parts, any profitable for a opposite form of problem. If we don’t know all a parts, we competence not know what your stream process covers. And that sets we adult for a bad warn if you’re in a automobile accident.

To assistance brand your believe gaps, see if we can answer these 10 questions correctly:

1. Let’s contend you’re pushing down a highway one night when unexpected a deer appears, and we strike it. What form of word pays for a repairs to your car?

  1. Gap insurance
  2. Comprehensive insurance
  3. Hit-and-run insurance

2. Word scramble! This kind of automobile word pays for a repairs we do to others:BILAYLITI

3. If we were in a automobile collision yesterday, can we buy word for it today?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe, depending on internal laws

4. What’s a name of a word that pays your medical bills if someone crashes into we and they don’t have automobile insurance?

  1. Gap insurance
  2. Collision insurance
  3. Uninsured engineer coverage

5. Which one of these is never a cause in automobile word rates?

  1. Where we went to college
  2. Your religion
  3. Your credit
  4. Whether we possess a home

6. Insurance has a lot of acronyms. Maybe too many. What’s PIP?

  1. Personal repairs protection
  2. Private word for passengers
  3. Property word penalty

7. Could we be a word policyholder for your mother’s car?

  1. Yes
  2. No

8. Imagine your automobile slides on ice, hits a tree and has estimable front damage. What form of automobile word pays for repairs?

  1. Collision insurance
  2. Roadside assistance coverage
  3. Comprehensive insurance

9. Fill in a blanks with a scold word choices: If we expostulate your friend’s automobile and pile-up it, (1) word will be tapped initial to compensate for indemnification and he will be (2).

  1. Your/His
  2. Happy/Mad

10. Last one. How about a small Hangman: If we have an unused censure about your automobile word company, who should we call?


__ T__TE    __ N __ U __ __ N __ E    DE __ __ __ T __ ENT



1: B, extensive insurance. It also pays for problems such as vandalism, accost repairs and automobile theft.

2: Liability. Learn some-more about what automobile word covers.

3: B. There’s no retroactive automobile insurance.

4: C, uninsured engineer coverage.

5: B. Religion is not authorised as a cause in environment rates. Some insurers use preparation turn in pricing, and spasmodic give discounts formed on where we went to college. The use of credit in automobile word pricing is criminialized usually in California, Hawaii and Massachusetts. Car insurers mostly use home tenure as a approach of judging either you’ll make a claim, giving improved rates to homeowners. Take a demeanour during how drivers with bad credit compensate aloft word rates in many states.

6: A, personal repairs protection.

7: B. Generally usually a car’s owners can buy a word on it.

8: A, collision insurance.

9: If we expostulate your friend’s automobile and pile-up it, his word will be tapped initial to compensate for indemnification and he will be mad.

10: State word department.

How did we do?

  • 0-4 right: It’s value checking your automobile word process to make certain we know what we bought — and didn’t buy.
  • 5-7 right: Not too bad, though cruise reviewing your automobile word process with someone some-more knowledgeable.
  • 8-9 right: You have a good hoop on a basics.
  • 10 right: We assume you’re an word agent.

Thanks for playing!


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