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Jamie Letcher is a Financial Advisor for Summit Financial Advisors, a full-service financial services module located during Summit Credit Union that offers products and services by CUNA Brokerage, Inc. The staff consists of 7 financial advisors assisting credit kinship members conduct scarcely $400 million in assets. Characterizing themselves as “financial coaches,” Summit Financial Advisors teach their members and clients on ways to grasp their ultimate financial goals. 

His recommendation to those deliberation operative with a financial confidant is to persevere in what competence seem like an strenuous process. “Often resources government feels daunting to consumers given it can be impossibly formidable and filled with unknown jargon. That’s since it’s critical for financial coaches to clearly explain and promote a process, violation a incomparable devise down into a array of practicable transformation steps,” he says. “Virtually any credit kinship member we lay down with has dual to 8 required transformation steps. It’s critical to take them one during a time, and keep your eye on a long-term benefits. As tantalizing as it is to procrastinate, accomplishing financial goals—even in a short-term—requires action.”

Letcher has worked in a credit kinship transformation for some-more than 3 decades, and has helped members and clients grasp their financial dreams for 11 years, in a accumulation of roles. “My work is enormously rewarding, given so many people are looking for instruction on financial matters,” he says. “And this position gives me a event to work with people from all walks, and in all stages of life. If they are uncertain of where to start, need honest recommendation about resources strategies, or simply wish superintendence in forging their possess path, we’re here to help. The enlightenment of credit unions is ‘people assisting people’ in a mild fashion.”

Procrastination can be a formidable separator to overcome when it comes financial planning. “The many severe aspect is overcoming interference and indeed holding a initial step together,” Letcher says. “This mostly involves changing habits and behaviors, and for many people that is unequivocally difficult. But it’s essential to achieving their financial goals for a future.”


Financial Consultant Jeremy Marshall works in Investment Services during UW Credit Union, a full-service investment association that offers advice, preparation and financial formulation to members from all over a country. “Our member-clients are unequivocally opposite in their backgrounds and needs,” Marshall says. “We conduct their resources and advise them in all aspects of their finances—everything from formulation for retirement to saving for a down remuneration on a home.”

More than simply charity financial products, Marshall says a association focuses on educating members on investment topics and bargain any client’s needs and goals. “Because we’re member-owned, and guided by a element of putting members’ best interests first, we go a additional mile to assistance clients find a right strategies to strech their financial goals,” he explains. “We stay on tip of stream marketplace trends and attention changes to make certain that a member-clients are removing a best recommendation possible.”

Marshall says there have been some vital changes in a attention over a final few years per regulations that will outcome in incomparable clarity about a costs and probable conflicts of seductiveness from people charity retirement advice. “At Investment Services during UW Credit Union, we welcome this trend,” he says. “We wish investors to have improved information, and a ability to make good long-term financial decisions, but carrying to doubt a motives of a advisors.”

Marshall says he enjoys a formulation side of his pursuit a most. “It’s unequivocally gratifying when we can assistance a member-client map out their financial plan,” he says. “I’ve had many member-clients come in with questions about retirement. After examining their situation, we might establish that they can indeed retire immediately if they would like. Knowing that gives them extensive freedom.”

He concedes that any year presents new hurdles for a financial services industry, from regulatory changes and domestic concerns, to marketplace worries. But these fluctuations have an upside. “These hurdles yield an event for consumers to revisit their financial devise and make certain it is still on course,” Marshall says. “It’s critical to accommodate with your financial confidant annually to determine that all in your devise is still aligned with your goals.”


Monica Schlicht assimilated First Business Bank some-more than a year ago as Vice President of Private Banking. She is focused on a day-to-day banking and credit needs of business owners, executives, and people with high net worths. These clients are mostly meddlesome in investment government or substantiating a trust, so Schlicht works with her partner franchised financial advisors, approved financial planners, and other trust and estate advisors on staff, to promote transactions.

“I have been in banking for 20 years,” she says. “When it comes to looking out for a clients’ goals and assisting to grasp them, we don’t consider anyone can do it improved than a group can here during First Business Bank. In fact, clients are astounded by a concierge-level use they accept when operative with us. Providing an well-developed banking believe is a joining we make every day when we travel by a front doors. Every event we earn
is an honor.”

Schlicht believes that her association has a rival corner in a marketplace given “we unequivocally do what we do in a clearly opposite way. We know a clients well, and we can offer customized solutions to accommodate their needs. We know their businesses. We know their families. Clients call us and we already know their stories. This allows us to govern a transaction within 24 hours that might take other financial professionals days or weeks to fulfill. We are focused.  We listen to what a customer needs. We execute.”

Schlicht says she is ardent about her work given she truly loves a accumulation of hurdles fundamental in her job. “One day, we am assisting a family with 3 kids figure out a college plan.  The subsequent day, we am saying a customer grasp his idea of building his dream home,” she says. “And a next, we am assisting a customer promote her banking and investments, to position herself and her family for her subsequent miracle in retirement. In any case, we am focused on these goals, as if they were my own. And that’s a privilege.” photo


Clint Bauch, CFP,® ChFC® is President/CEO of Park Capital Management, LLC, an eccentric Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) organisation that focuses on financial planning, consulting on companies’ 401(k) retirement plans, and resources and investment government services. 

“Park Capital Management’s financial formulation and conference services are as individualized as a clients,” he says. “Our idea is to know their long- and short-term goals and objectives and to put a devise together formed on those needs. We do this by assembly with any customer one-on-one and mapping a destiny devise together.” Bauch and his colleagues commence formulation for retirement, taxation and estate planning, and altogether investment management. 

Bauch believes Park Capital Management’s autonomy is pivotal to a success. “The association is not hold to any exclusive investments, that allows us to truly rivet with a clients as their partner,” he says. “As a fiduciary, we are hold to a aloft customary and always essay to yield recommendation formed on what is in a client’s best interest. We don’t concentration on any specific product and don’t have elect and income mandate mostly found in incomparable financial institutions. This also provides us with coherence to investigate a far-reaching operation of solutions that will advantage a clients directly.”One attention trend Bauch sees is incomparable clarity around fees. “At Park Capital Management we are entirely transparent,” he says. “We spend time educating a clients about their fees and what they can design in return.” Bauch records that another new trend that is not as profitable is a volume of financial information accessible on a Internet. “People conflict many some-more fast and are some-more romantic about their investments formed on what they see in a news and by other media outlets,” he says. “This can means people to over-react. We warn a business to concentration on a long-term so they can grasp financial success.”

Paul M. Schmidt is an estate formulation profession during a Boardman Clark law organisation in Madison.  “Estate formulation is an essential partial of financial and period formulation for people and families,” he explains. “Just as a financial confidant will assistance build wealth, and a CPA will minimize taxes, an estate planner will work with people and families to conduct and safety their resources if a particular becomes incapacitated or dies. A large partial of my pursuit is to assistance people conduct their resources for their destiny financial confidence and for a advantage of their heirs and other dictated beneficiaries.”

Schmidt started practicing law in 1990, receiving a law grade after operative for a Social Security Administration. “I also have a conversing degree, so estate formulation was a healthy fit for me,” he says. “It allows me to work with people to solve problems and emanate a applicable devise for a government of their financial resources and fit send of those resources to destiny generations. That’s a many gratifying partial of my job—finding solutions to my clients’ problems, and formulating a devise that works good for them.”

His customer bottom is broad. “I work with immature couples looking to strengthen their teenager children, assistance to set adult trusts for their destiny support and education,” he says. “I also advise determined professionals who have built a business and wish to pass a business on to their children in a unsentimental and tax-efficient manner. The bottom line is that everybody needs an estate plan, regardless of age or wealth. This devise is some-more than only a will; a good devise ensures that a government and send of an individual’s resources are concurrent to accommodate a individual’s goals, either those goals are to conduct resources during their incapacity, yield for charities, or minimize taxes for a advantage of their families.”


Schmidt is partial of a incomparable group of estate formulation attorneys during Boardman Clark, one of a largest and oldest firms formed in Madison. The organisation serves individuals, businesses and internal governments in a far-reaching accumulation of authorised areas. Boardman Clark serves clients with a faith that a good disciple brings some-more than knowledge, believe and responsiveness—he or she is someone we can trust, who understands your values and goals, and will work closely with we to find your best trail forward.

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