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Special assembly hold to plead practice of Perry superintendent

PERRY, Okla. – A special assembly was hold in Perry Tuesday night to plead a practice of a district’s Superintendent.

After scarcely dual hours in executive event a Perry Board of Education came behind with no decision.

After house members done their announcement, people who packaged a room scattered.

Board members and a school’s profession would not answer any of NewsChannel 4’s questions.

Talk of Superintendent Scott Chenoweth’s practice standing comes amid allegations that former training assistant, Arnold Cowen, inappropriately overwhelmed during slightest 20 students during Perry Upper Elementary.

“The whole totally of a case, it`s been really disturbing to contend a least,” Perry Assistant Police Chief Forrest Smith said.

The school’s principal, Kenda Miller, and 5th class math teacher, Jeffrey Sullins, are also confronting rapist charges after military pronounced they unsuccessful to news a accusations.

“If we would have got that call. That really initial censure we wouldn’t be sitting here articulate to we today,” Smith said.

Police are still questioning and, during this time, it is misleading if discussions of a superintendent’s practice has anything to do with a case.

The Perry Board of Education has set another assembly for Tuesday Feb 21st during 6 p.m.

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