Spa financial commissioner names investment manager as deputy

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The city has a new emissary commissioner of finance.

Mike Sharp, an investment associate during a Manhattan private equity organisation Siguler Guff, has been allocated by Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan. He will join a city staff effective Monday, Jul 10, earning $73,500 a year.

“Mike comes to a city with a immeasurable volume of knowledge operative in a financial zone over a past 15 years,” Madigan said. “The city is really advantageous to have someone with his knowledge step into a purpose of Deputy Commissioner of Finance and we demeanour brazen to operative with Mike as we start a 2018 bill deteriorate together.”

2017 has been formidable for a financial department. Long-time emissary Lynn Bachner took a leave during a commencement of a year and did not return. She was succeeded by Susan Dugan-Armstrong, who by mutual agreement with Madigan, motionless not to lapse to her strange City Hall pursuit as a website calm coordinator. She hold a emissary pursuit for twin months.

Bachner, who hold a pursuit for 10 years, warranted $71,500 in 2016.

As a member of Siguler Guff’s Distressed Opportunities Funds platform, Sharp was a primary hit for 16 account investments that totaled some-more than $1 billion in assets. Sharp primarily assimilated Siguler Guff as an Operations Analyst in 2009 and was promoted to a Investment Team in 2012.

Prior to Siguler Guff, Sharp worked during Merrill Lynch and Wachovia. He binds degrees from Marist College in accounting and business and a twin thoroughness connoisseur grade from Fordham Graduate School of Business in Finance and media and communications. Sharp is married and has a two-year-old son.

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