Seasonal Employment Opportunities

The holidays are right around a dilemma and that means businesses are in need of additional help.

If you’re looking for anniversary employment, demeanour no further, as many employers have already begun employing for a holiday season. Supervisor during Ohio Means Jobs Muskingum County, Julie Metzger, pronounced intensity opportunities embody retail, patron service, and room jobs.

“What we do is we have employers that are entrance in here and doing mini jobs fairs, we can go on, as well, and fill out online applications there, we have all a jobs listed on,” Metzger said.

Even yet these jobs are seasonal, Metzger pronounced they’re essential in building your resume. While operative a anniversary job, we have a event to acquire skills that can assistance we land a long-term position.

“What people wish to remember is if we get in there and do a good pursuit and we uncover adult and we furnish good while you’re there, and we follow a rules, and are only a good group player, those places do have permanent positions, as well,” Metzger said.

If you’re looking for employment, we can stop by Ohio Means Jobs Muskingum County on Woodlawn Avenue in Zanesville, or revisit

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