Rosy Canada Employment Report to Curb USD/CAD Rebound

Canada Employment to Increase for First Time Since May.

Jobless Rate to Uptick for Second Consecutive Month.

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Trading a News: Canada Net-Change in Employment

A 14.0K miscarry in Canada Employment might derail a near-term miscarry in USD/CAD as it highlights an softened opinion for a segment and raises a Bank of Canada’s (BoC) operation to keep a stream process via a residue of a year.

What’s Expected:

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Why Is This Event Important:

Even yet a BoC warns ‘risks to a form for acceleration have slanted rather to a downside given July,’ a noted miscarry in pursuit enlargement might inspire Governor Stephen Poloz to safety a wait-and-see proceed for financial process as a executive bank anticipates a economy to ‘strengthen gradually in a second half of this year.’ However, another gloomy practice news might pull a BoC to adopt a some-more dovish tinge during a subsequent process assembly on Oct 19 as officials advise ‘the belligerent mislaid over before months raises a probability that a form for mercantile activity will be rather reduce than expected in July.’

Expectations: Bullish Argument/Scenario

The alleviation in a terms of trade interconnected with a uptick in business certainty might encourage a clever pursuit enlargement report, and a certain enlargement might trigger a bullish greeting in a Canadian dollar as it boosts a opinion for enlargement and inflation.

Risk: Bearish Argument/Scenario

However, a larger-than-expected contraction during a second-quarter interconnected with a slack in private-sector expenditure might drag on employment, and another astonishing decrease in pursuit enlargement might coax a incomparable liberation in USD/CAD as it drags on interest-rate expectations.

How To Trade This Event Risk(Video)

Bullish CAD Trade: Job Growth Rebounds 14.0K or Greater in August

  • Need to see red, five-minute candle following a recover to cruise a brief on USD/CAD.
  • If marketplace greeting favors a bullish loonie trade, sell USD/CAD with dual apart position.
  • Set stop during a near-by pitch high/reasonable stretch from entry; demeanour for during slightest 1:1 risk-to-reward.
  • Move stop to entrance on remaining position once initial aim is hit; set reasonable limit.

Bearish CAD Trade: Canada Employment Report Disappoints Again

  • Need green, five-minute candle to preference a prolonged USD/CAD position.
  • Implement same setup as a bullish Canadian dollar trade, only in a conflicting direction.

Potential Price Targets For The Release


USD/CAD Daily Chart

Chart – Created Using FXCM Marketscope 2.0

  • USD/CAD might work a approach behind towards a tip of a new operation following a Bank of Canada interest-rate decision as a span fails to exam a Aug low (1.2763) and carves a near-term array of aloft highs lows; break/close above a Fibonacci overlie around 1.2930 (61.8% expansion) to 1.2990 (23.6% retracement) might coax a run during a monthly high (1.3082).
  • Key Resistance: 1.3560 (100% expansion) to 1.3630 (38.2% retracement)
  • Key Support: 1.2510 (78.6% retracement) to 1.2520 (38.2% expansion)

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Impact that a Canada Employment news has had on USD/CAD during a final release

July 2016 Canada Net Change in Employment

USD/CAD 5-Minute


The Canadian economy suddenly strew another 31.2K jobs in Jul following a 0.7K contraction a month prior, while a jobless rate climbed to an annualized 6.9% from 6.8% during a same duration to symbol a initial uptick given February. A deeper demeanour during a news showed a decrease was led by a 71.4K dump in full-time positions, with a labor appearance rate squeezing to 65.4% from 65.5%, while part-time practice climbed another 40.2K after rising 39.4K in June. The Canadian dollar sold-off following a gloomy report, with USD/CAD climbing above a 1.3100 hoop to finish a day during 1.3164.

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