Robots harm US practice and wages, says new study


Chris Monroe/CNET

A new investigate from a National Bureau of Economic Research has found a adoption of robots in several US industries undercuts informal practice and wages.

The findings, expelled Tuesday, don’t pronounce to a altogether mercantile outcome of drudge adoption, such as a capability gains they fundamentally offer. But they do confront conduct on a required knowledge that many jobs replaced by robots will expected be supplanted by new work opportunities.

The researchers examined several industries between 1990 and 2007, determining for informal marketplace variables by looking during general markets during a same time. They guess that any new drudge per thousand workers reduces a employment-to-population ratio by adult to a third of a commission indicate and reduces salary by as most as half a percent.

The investigate has not been counterpart reviewed, though a commentary and methodology are accessible in a 91-page report (PDF) on a NBER website.

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