Record Gift Renames Old BU School Questrom School of Business

Trustee Allen Questrom (Questrom’64) and his wife, Kelli, have given Boston University a largest present ever, and a School of Management has been renamed a Questrom School of Business. Photo by Robert Timko

Boston University keeper Allen Questrom (Questrom’64), late arch executive officer of several of a nation’s largest dialect and specialty stores, and his wife, Kelli, have given Boston University $50 million, a largest present in University history, by their Allen and Kelli Questrom Foundation. The gift, that includes $10 million given in 2012, renames a School of Management a Questrom School of Business. It will be used to award 10 expertise chairs and capacitate formulation to settle a new connoisseur module facility.

“We are enormously beholden for this pretentious gift,” says Kenneth Freeman, a school’s Allen Questrom Professor and Dean. “Allen Questrom is a retailing attention icon, carrying easy to profitability many companies during his turnaround career, while demonstrating a top integrity, well-developed leadership, and untiring use in support of others.” The included deanship and professorship were given by a Questroms in 2007.

“The present is transformational, enabling us to attract superb expertise widely famous for value in investigate and training who will minister meaningfully to a idea of educating ethical, innovative business leaders,” Freeman adds. “With a Questroms’ inexhaustible support, we will be means to accelerate a mutation and improved ready a subsequent era of confidant leaders.”

“This is a unaccompanied impulse in a story of a propagandize and a University,” says President Robert A. Brown. “The present will both propel a propagandize on a trail of increasing impact and peculiarity and will perpetually associate it with a name of one of a many renowned businessmen in America and one of Boston University’s many renowned graduates.”

Brown says a 10 new professors will raise a investigate and training of a Questrom School of Business, “while changeable a apportionment of a cost of a salaries and advantages of these renowned expertise members from fee to a endowment…the Questroms have lifted a sights on a impact of hospitality during Boston University.”

The Questroms’ concession also provides seed appropriation for a propagandize to investigate a further of new 60,000-square-foot classroom space that will bond to a existent building. Since relocating into a stream home in 1996, a propagandize has stretched significantly. The building was creatively designed to accommodate 1,700 students, though now welcomes 3,500 undergraduate and connoisseur students.

The present comes dual and a half years after BU announced a first-ever extensive fundraising campaign, with a aim of $1 billion. BU is a initial university to set a $1 billion idea for a initial campaign. The $50 million oath brings a debate sum to $823 million, and a University is on lane to accommodate a altogether idea good before a scheduled execution date of 2017.

Questrom says both he and his wife, Kelli, take good honour and pleasure in being means to compensate brazen a blessings of a multiple of good fitness and tough work that have enriched their lives, commencement with Allen Questrom’s preparation during Boston University. “When one looks during where investment can do a many good,” he says, “you have to consider of creation in a schools, given second usually to a certain change of family values, a track to warranted success is to be good educated.” He records that his possess sell career began with a BU retailing march taught by one of his professors, a late Alan Beckwith.

“I wouldn’t call him a conform maven,” Questrom says with a smile, though “he was a very, really passionate” teacher, who believed in his students and wanted to assistance them succeed.” Beckwith praised Questrom’s work, and speedy him to find a right career, though a immature connoisseur had another idea: he wanted to turn a ski instructor. The winter after his graduation was brief on snowfall, Questrom recalls, and he took a call from his really dynamic and useful former teacher. “Beckwith says, ‘Look, how can we be a ski instructor? There’s no snow. I’ve organised for a integrate of sell interviews for we in Boston and New York.’”

He concluded to an talk in Brooklyn, N.Y., with a princely Abraham Straus, a multiplication of Federated Department Stores, that was famous for a superb training program. When he was offering a container on an executive training patrol (he favourite a jaunty sound of that) starting a following Monday, he sealed on and returned to Boston to container and pierce to Brooklyn.

“That weekend, we had a biggest sirocco of a year—two feet of snow,” he says. “But I’d already committed to them and wouldn’t mangle my word.” Swearing all a way, he gathering to Brooklyn in his VW and got a room during a Y. He fast detected that Beckwith’s sell classes had taught him well, giving him an corner over all a other trainees. He also detected a adore of, and healthy talent for, a “schmatta” business. (Beckwith’s classes even taught a sell jargon.)

“I would wish that students, as they go by propagandize and into a career, will intermittently simulate on their life, to compensate mental loyalty to a people who helped them along a way,” Questrom says, “and to commend that as they ‘make good,’ they have a shortcoming to ‘do good,’ to compensate it brazen by assisting a subsequent generation. And we trust that a colleges and universities are a genuine pivotal indicate on any generation: how good we teach a students determines how good any era will understanding with a issues of a time.”

Swapping “business” for “management” in a new school’s name, a vanguard says, reflects a former word’s larger scope, “representing a immeasurable and colourful operation of industries, encompassing all from for-profit to nonprofit enterprises around a world, for that we aim to ready a students.” The school, that offers courses by a executive and doctoral levels, already places sold importance on sectors such as digital technology, amicable craving and sustainability, and health and life sciences.

Questrom spent many of his career in retailing with Federated Department Stores, Inc., rising from government trainee in 1964 to corporate executive clamp boss in 1987. After Federated succumbed to a antagonistic takeover by a Canadian genuine estate noble in 1988, he left Federated to drive a turnaround of Neiman Marcus. He returned to Federated in 1990 and brought a association out of failure in 1993. In 1995, he engineered a merger of rivals Broadway Department Stores and R. H. Macy Company, Inc. He late in 1997 from Federated Stores, shortly to turn a new Macy’s, Inc., though a brief time after returned to retailing as chairman, president, and arch executive officer of Barneys New York, Inc., bringing a conform mart out of failure in 1999, and formulating a new COOP division. From 2000 to 2005, Questrom, as a JCPenney Company, Inc.’s initial “outsider” authority and CEO in a scarcely 100-year history, destined a successful turnaround of a dialect store, catalog, and internet businesses.

Questrom has served given 2006 as a comparison confidant of Lee Equity Partners. He is a executive of a Glazer Family of Companies and is on a house of Men’s Wearhouse, Inc., a At Home sell chain, and a house of advisors of The Robin Report, that provides discernment into consumer product industries. He is a former executive of Foot Locker, Inc., Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc., and Walmart. Questrom is a keeper of BU, his alma mater, where in 2007 a Allen and Kelli Questrom Foundation included dual School of Management professorships as good as a included deanship and professorship. He a former keeper of a Aspen Music Festival School; a Questroms safeguard tyro scholarships there. Allen and Kelli Questrom, as proponents of a beliefs of liberty, particular opportunity, and giveaway enterprise, are members of a National Council of a American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, one of a nation’s many rarely reputable problem-solving consider tanks.

Retiring from her conform graduation career in 1986 to turn active in county life following what she describes as a “blessedly early” diagnosis of breast cancer, Kelli Questrom became an disciple for surety medicine, vocalization by invitation on Capitol Hill. In a mid-1980s, she cofounded a Greater Los Angeles Partnership for a Homeless, that resulted in a investiture of L.A.’s Downtown Women’s Center, and served in a 1990s on a initial inhabitant house of directors of Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids. For 7 years she has served as a keeper of a Aspen Art Museum, and for 12 years as a Dallas Museum of Art trustee. The Allen and Kelli Questrom Foundation has included these dual museums’ educational programming, as good as a giveaway docented tours module for open and licence propagandize students during a Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Questrom was a keeper of a Whitney in a 1990s, and a Questroms are now members of a National Committee. Kelli Questrom is also a member of a house of curators of a Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, a nationally famous dance association that performs, produces, and teaches exemplary ballet and folkloric and African dance forms.


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