PUTIN: The people behind a Trump dossier are ‘worse than prostitutes’

Vladimir PutinREUTERS/Sergei

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed behind on Tuesday against
unverified claims that Russia worked with Donald Trump during the
US presidential choosing to criticise Hillary Clinton.

“We are witnessing an ongoing strident domestic onslaught in a US,
whose charge is to criticise a legitimacy of the
president-elect,” Putin said, according to a Russian news
group Interfax.

He combined that those behind a claims, enclosed in a dossier made
open final week, were “worse than prostitutes.”

“I have an sense they used in Kiev and are prepared to
classify a Maidan in Washington, only to not let Trump take
office,” Putin said, referring to a Euromaidan protests in
Ukraine that led to a ouster of a country’s pro-Russian
president, Viktor Yanukovych, in Feb 2014.

“The media frenzy surrounding Trump speaks of a plunge of
US domestic elites,” Putin said, adding that he was “not
proficient with Trump” and therefore had “no reasons possibly to
urge or conflict him.”

The dossier was partial of an opposition-research plan conducted
a former British spy
, Christopher Steele, during a insistence of
anti-Trump Republicans and, later, Democrats.
Steele was

a former head
of a Russia table in Moscow for Britain’s
Secret Intelligence Service, also famous as MI6. The memos he
wrote done their approach to US comprehension officials someday last

A outline of his findings, collected from a network of Russian
comprehension sources he had cultivated, was presented to Trump,
President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden,
and a country’s tip lawmakers
on comprehension matters
progressing this month as partial of a personal lecture about
Russia’s involvement in a US presidential election.

dossier suggested
, among other things, that Russian officials
fed hacked Democratic papers to WikiLeaks
in sell for
Trump sidelining Ukraine as a debate issue;
that Trump hired sex workers to perform licentious acts in a Moscow
Ritz-Carlton presidential apartment where President Barack Obama once
stayed; and that what a dossier described as “Trump’s
unusual function in Russia over a years” supposing Russians
with information they could use to extort him.

Putin mocked a claims contained in a dossier, that he
described as “an apparent fake” and “nonsense.”

Russian comprehension services “don’t follow each American
billionaire,” Putin said. He combined that Trump “has been with the
many pleasing women in a world, so because would he need
prostitutes in Moscow?”

“Trump orderly beauty contests,” Putin continued.

I find it tough to trust that he rushed to some
hotel to accommodate girls of lax morals, nonetheless ours are
positively a best in a world.”

Putin also slammed a new sanctions imposed on Russia by the
Obama administration
in late December
, claiming that attempts were being done to
tie Trump’s “hands and feet” while he was behaving his election
debate promises to try to urge family with Russia.

“Some people leave though observant goodbye, and some contend goodbye
though leaving,” Putin said. “The Obama administration belongs
to a second category.”

Throughout a campaign, Trump pennyless from normal GOP
habit and determined himself as a many sympathetic
Republican claimant toward Russia, stressing a need to work with
a nation on several geopolitical issues.

Trump has not commented on a dossier’s specific claims, though has
called a dossier itself “fake news” and “a finish fraud.”

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