Program helps comparison workers find employment

A module that provides pursuit opportunities for comparison workers — including those in Marathon and Lincoln counties — recently perceived a $1.3 million sovereign extend from a U.S. Department of Labor to means a services.

Almost 90 percent of a funds, funneled by Senior Service America Inc. to N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation Inc., that sponsors a Senior Community Service Employment Program in a 14-county area in north executive and northeast Wisconsin, will compensate training salary and advantages to during slightest 258 lower-income comparison adults over a 12-month period.

One is 77-year-old Alice Simmons of Rhinelander, who works about 20 hours a week gnawing driver’s permit photos and holding caring of other tasks during a Rhinelander Department of Motor Vehicles.

It’s an event Simmons pronounced she is grateful for.

“For me, it’s being means to still use my skills and feel like I’m contributing something by entrance here and assembly people and still working,” Simmons said. “I’m certain we wouldn’t have a pursuit if we wasn’t in this module right now since I’m not physically means to do a lot of lifting or bending. And of course, a small additional income is unequivocally nice.”

Participants in a module contingency be during slightest 55 years old, impoverished and have a family income of no some-more than 125 percent of a sovereign misery level. Participants work about 20 hours a week during nonprofit and supervision agencies and are paid a top of federal, state or internal smallest wage.

Deb Buckley of N.E.W. Curative, who has been a executive of a module for 18 years, pronounced a module not usually provides profitable training and can assistance overpass a opening between jobs, though it also offers a profitable financial component.

“When we started, we suspicion it was some-more of a seniors are looking for something to do, though what we see now is Social Security is not adequate to retire on, and a lot of people need supplemental income,” Buckley said.

The Neighbors’ Place in Wausau now has 8 workers supposing by a program, pronounced Executive Director Tom Rau.

Whether they’re doing work in a food pantry, aiding out in a bureau or aiding in a mechanism lab, Rau pronounced a workers have a possibility to be concerned in a community, like many did progressing in their careers.

“They always got to be around people and be intent and that kind of thing, and by being here, they’re around people and means to be intent and feel like they’re useful,” Rau said. “And but a doubt, they are wonderful.”

Dottie Perry of Wausau and Hank West of Schofield are dual of those workers. Both assistance out during a food cupboard during The Neighbors’ Place.

Perry, 55, pronounced what she likes best is aiding seniors — folks comparison than her — who can’t get around like they used to.

“When we give them something that creates them happy, it’s unequivocally good to see,” Perry said. “I like operative with them. A lot of them come here looking to see me, and they’ll be observant adult front, ‘I can’t wait to get behind there to see Dottie.’”

West, a 59-year-old former mechanic, pronounced a module is aiding him rise patron family skills.

“Most of a time, being a mechanic, you’re flattering most operative on a car, you’re not operative with people,” West said. “So they try to put we someplace where you’ll fit in and it’ll work out for you. That’s a unequivocally useful thing in my situation. Because of my age, we was carrying a tough time anticipating a pursuit as a automechanic or a carpenter.”

Buckley pronounced they offer about 160 people a year by a module with a idea of perplexing to place 30 percent of a workers into a permanent position.

“What seniors get is additional income, they ascent their skills, they get a stream work anxiety with a ultimate idea of them removing a pursuit off this program,” Buckley said. “In a meantime, they’re aiding their village by portion these work sites.”

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More information

For some-more information about a Senior Service program, hit N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation Inc. in Green Bay during 920-593-3557 or in Wausau during 715-261-8705.

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