Panic ensues after fake alarm warns of incoming ballistic barb hazard to Hawaii

hi barb alert

  • People in Hawaii panicked when they got an emergency
    warning on their phones warning of an incoming ballistic missile
  • Officials fast reliable following that a alert
    was a fake alarm and had been sent out by mistake.

People in Hawaii were sent into a panic Saturday morning when
they got an puncture warning on their phones that said, “Ballistic
barb hazard inbound to Hawaii. Seek evident shelter. This is
not a drill.”

Officials pronounced fast after that a warning went out by mistake
and was a fake alarm. 

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted, “NO missile
hazard to Hawaii.”

Lt. Commander Joe Nawrocki of the North American
Aerospace Defense Command, a group in assign of providing
aerospace warnings in North America, told BuzzFeed News, “There is
no barb threat. We’re perplexing to figure out where this came
from or how this started. There is positively no incoming
ballistic barb hazard to Hawaii right now.”

“My phone’s floating adult right now,” Nawrocki added.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Brian Schatz, both of whom
paint Hawaii, pronounced on Twitter that warning was a false

“What happened currently is totally inexcusable,” Schatz
later added. “The whole state
was terrified. There needs to be tough and discerning accountability
and a bound process.”

The White House emissary press secretary expelled a statement
observant President Donald Trump had been briefed on the

“This was quite a state exercise,” a statement

Trump was on a golf march during his swanky Florida resort,
Mar-a-Lago, when a conditions unfolded.

A Hawaii EMA orator also told BuzzFeed News that they
were in a routine of promulgation another summary to cancel the
initial alert. 

“It was partial of a cavalcade that was going on,” they

The second warning went out about 45 minutes

“There is no barb hazard or risk to a State of
Hawaii. Repeat. False alarm,” a summary said. 

Twitter users were in a frenzy after a initial warning was

Hawaii began contrast a chief warning complement in
December, CNN reported. It was a first
time given a Cold War that Hawaii reinstituted a practice,
and it comes as a US sees worsening tensions with North
Korea, that has increasing a chief charge in recent

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