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TOMORROW STARTS TONIGHT: SILICON VALLEY VS. THE FED. With usually dual difference — “substantially stretched” — Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen sent amicable media bonds tumbling on Tuesday and influenced prevalent speak of a “bubble” in a market.

The comment in a Fed’s annual news to Congress was couched in technical language, and warned that “risk-taking” in a amicable media and biotechnology sectors seemed to have increased, distinct other industries where batch valuations have kept in with chronological averages.


But investors listened one thing: SELL! … SELL! … SELL! Tech bonds sank fast after Yellen’s remarks. Shares of Facebook and Twitter sealed some-more than 1 percent down on Tuesday, while Yahoo, LinkedIn and Google all showed some-more medium losses.

Two discerning points:

1.) Political fallout? Likely. Yellen didn’t get any amicable media batch questions during her testimony before a Senate Banking Committee today. But tomorrow that could change when she testifies before a House Financial Services Committee. House GOPers have criticized a Fed in a past for promulgation mixed-market signals and overstepping… Yellen’s “substantially stretched” could infer to be their latest domestic piñata.

2.) Yellen echoing Greenspan? Some alike Yellen’s remarks to when former-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s warned of a batch marketplace burble in a Dec 1996 speech, when he questioned a market’s “irrational exuberance.” It took about 4 years for that burble to burst.

The improved comparison to make is to Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo, who progressing this year warned in a plead that smaller tech firms’ valuations “do seem stretched.”

THIS IS OVERNIGHT FINANCE, where it’s almost Wednesday.

Pick adult a pace, we’re streamer into a half-way point…

DAYS UNTIL EX-IM EXPIRES: 77. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) hosted a assembly for Republican members currently dubbed “Export-Import Bank 101 lecture for Members.”

A source informed with a assembly emailed OVERNIGHT FINANCE:

“This is unequivocally identical to meetings [Hensarling] facilitated with Republican members when he was discussion chair.  It’s merely a pleasantness to members who have approached him radically asking, ‘What’s this we keep conference about Ex-Im?’ We design usually a few members today. But if there’s continued interest, Chairman Hensarling is peaceful to do some-more of these meetings.

“It’s called ‘Ex-Im 101’ for a reason. This assembly isn’t going to be a plan event or plead bar or temperature-taking effort. The information during a assembly is going to be about usually a basis of Ex-Im and because a Chairman opposes reauthorization.”

Republicans aren’t a usually ones infighting on Ex-Im…

GREEN VS. COAL DEMS ON EX-IM, Laura Barron-Lopez reports for a hometown paper: “Sens. Barbara Boxer (Calif.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) are earnest to quarrel any efforts to hurl behind Export-Import Bank restrictions on financing abroad spark plants — even those from a associate Democrat.

“Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has affianced to embody such denunciation in a check he is operative on to reauthorize a Ex-Im Bank’s charter, that is set to finish during a finish of September.”

— Boxer told Laura: “It’s problematic. It unequivocally will set a universe behind … and will lead to most worse meridian pollution… It radically says we can build any dirty, dirty spark energy plant we wanted.”

HAPPENING TONIGHT: Manchin pronounced he’s assembly with Democratic leadership Tuesday night to plead a sum of his Ex-Im reauthorization bill, that he has nonetheless to introduce. He pronounced he hopes to get a improved thought of when he can pull a check after Tuesday’s meeting.

MEANWHILE… GOVS RALLY FOR EX-IM: Thirty-one governors called on Congress to reauthorize Ex-Im in a minute sent today.

HIGHWAY TRUST ISSUES: The Hill’s Cristina Marcos reports: “The House on Tuesday upheld an prolongation of appropriation for a Highway Trust Fund by May 2015.

“Passed 367-55, a magnitude prevents a Highway Trust Fund from going broke in August. The Senate has not nonetheless voted on a identical bill.”

The White House has called for a 4 year travel package, though permitted a House’s proxy magnitude to forestall a account bankruptcy.

Keith Laing reports: “The White House said Tuesday that it was speedy that a Republican-led House was “about to do something” about sovereign travel funding.

“Obama has oral during length in new weeks about his faith that Congress would rather sue him than take actions to residence inhabitant priorities like travel appropriation as a boss has sought to beget fad among Democratic electorate forward of a arriving midterm elections.

“White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday that a White House’s publicity of a approximately $10 billion GOP travel check did not undercut Obama’s discuss message.”

— Meanwhile, The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) pronounced it would magnitude lawmakers’ votes on a check to extend sovereign travel appropriation into subsequent spring. (Heritage, that opposes a bill, is also scoring a measure.)

HOW YELLEN’S REPORT PLAYED: Business Insider: “Fed takes dead-aim during amicable media association valuations” …TheStreet.com: “Yellen Warns of ‘Stretched’ Social Media Valuations” …Reuters: “SP 500 drop on Yellen’s comments”…

GWEN MOORE CFPB AMENDMENT FLOPS, around Cristina Marcos: “Rep. Gwen Moore’s (D-Wis.) amendment to a mercantile 2015 Financial Services appropriations check would strike a sustenance that allows for transfers of supports from a Federal Reserve to a CFPB to be reviewed by appropriators.

“The amendment was deserted 170-244… Moore pronounced it was required to keep Congress out of appropriation for a CFPB so that it would not be theme to politics.”

QUOTABLE, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew vocalization progressing on cyber-security: “Disclosing confidence breaches is mostly viewed as something that could mistreat a firm’s reputation. This has done many businesses demure to exhibit information about cyber incidents.”

FOR YOUR RADAR: APPROPS WATCH. The Senate Appropriations Defense subcommittee denounced a $489.6 billion spending bill on Tuesday that bucks Pentagon proposals and prevents a retirement of a Air Force’s A-10 fleet. Kristina Wong for The Hill:

THE OTHER FED FIGHT – FSOC. Peter Eavis for The New York Times: “Soon after a financial crisis, Congress combined an chosen organisation to hunt down risks that competence means another tellurian collapse.

“The group, a collection of regulators famous as a Financial Stability Oversight Council, shortly singled out income marketplace funds, that played a executive purpose in a exploding of a financial complement in 2008.

“The council, that includes a heads of a Treasury Department and a Federal Reserve, afterwards due some tough-looking measures to understanding with a systemic risks acted by a funds, that are large lenders to financial institutions.

“But after determined lobbying by a mutual account attention and antithesis from within one regulator, a legislature is approaching to settle for reduction than it wanted. And a concede during this pivotal impulse could unleash a extreme plead over either a legislature has depressed brief of what it was determined to do.”


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