Once a recorder was off, Bill O’Reilly started repetition to New York Times reporters about his terrible year

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Former Fox News horde Bill


  • The former Fox News horde Bill O’Reilly bloody New York
    Times reporters who helped display a sexual-harassment
    allegations opposite him.
  • O’Reilly staid a lawsuit for $32 million, according
    to The Times’ latest report.

The former Fox News horde Bill O’Reilly ranted to several New York
Times reporters who suggested in stating over a past few
months that O’Reilly done countless settlements with women who
indicted him of passionate harassment.

Speaking with a Times reporters Emily Steel and Michael
Schmidt, O’Reilly insisted that a countless claims opposite him
were inaccurate, observant they were partial of a domestic tract to
move him down, yet he did not plead any details.

“We have earthy explanation that this is bulls—,” he said. “It’s on
we if we wish to destroy my children further.”

“Why don’t we be tellurian beings for once?” he continued. “This is
horrible, what we went through. Horrible what we went through. This
is crap, and we know it.”

O’Reilly insisted that The Times’ “figures are wrong” and that
a paper was “making assumptions,” and he claimed that the
suspended Fox News horde Eric Bolling’s son died since of
sexual-harassment allegations opposite Bolling, yet a police
still have not expelled information about Bolling’s son’s death.

After staying still for several months, O’Reilly has reemerged to
foster his new book and insist on his innocence.

Audio of The Times’ talk with O’Reilly was expelled Monday,
a few days after The Times reported that O’Reilly staid a new
sexual-harassment explain for $32 million in January, a month
before Fox News’ primogenitor company, 21st Century Fox, renewed
O’Reilly’s contract. As framed by Schmidt on Monday’s part of
The Times’ podcast “The Daily,” many of O’Reilly’s most
forked comments came during a finish of a on-the-record interview
when a reporters prepared to leave a room and incited off one
of their recorders.

The former horde seemed final month in mostly softball interviews
with Fox News, Breitbart News, and The Hollywood Reporter, though
on NBC’s “Today” uncover he clashed with horde Matt Lauer,
who pushed back
on O’Reilly’s explain that a revelations of
sexual-harassment settlements by him were a “hit job.”

Listen to a audio during
The New York Times

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