October numbers uncover stagnation – and practice – estimates down

Unemployment rates for Hutchinson and Reno County both forsaken in Oct from September, reaching their lowest levels in some time and imprinting a second uninterrupted month of a tighter labor market.

For both a city and county, however, a change was essentially due to a downward composition in a accessible labor pool – again – rather than combined jobs.

Compared to final year during this time, during least, a city has combined jobs, flourishing a estimated labor force employed here by some 3.8 percent.

The sum are not seasonally adjusted.

For Hutchinson, a accessible labor force slipped from Sep to Oct by some 322 workers, to 20,796 people accessible for work.

Of a available, 19,957 were employed. That was down about 255 jobs from September, or about a 1.26 percent practice loss.

Because some-more people left a marketplace than a series of jobs lost, however, a stagnation rate also dipped, from 4.3 percent to 4.0.

Compared to Oct 2013, there were 425 some-more people accessible in a labor pool final month, and businesses combined 736 some-more jobs.

That meant a series of impoverished forsaken by some-more than 300 people from a same month a year ago, and a stagnation rate plunged from 5.6 percent.

For Reno County, officials estimated a accessible labor force in Oct during 33,292 people. That was down some-more than 520 people from Sep and 341 fewer than a guess for Oct 2013.

Labor officials estimated a series of people employed within a county final month during 32,071. That was down 410 people from September, while off only 13 jobs from Oct 2013.

With a smaller labor pool, that changed stream stagnation rolls to 1,221 people, down 112 people from September, and combined an stagnation rate of only 3.7 percent, down 0.2 percent from September.

Compared to Oct 2013, there were 328 fewer impoverished people in a county final month, assisting lift a stagnation rate down from 4.6 percent, or a 0.9 percent drop.

For a state, a seasonally practiced stagnation rate for Oct was 4.4 percent, down from 4.7 percent in Sep and 5.2 percent in Oct 2013.

Since final month, Kansas gained 7,500 seasonally practiced private zone jobs, a 0.7 percent increase, and 8,400 seasonally practiced sum nonfarm jobs, a 0.6 percent increase, according to a Labor Department news release.

Not seasonally practiced sum uncover Kansas gained 9,700 private zone jobs given September, a 0.9 percent growth, and 16,000 jobs over a month tangible as non-farm jobs, a 1.1 percent increase.

The stagnation rate in October, not seasonally adjusted, was 3.8 percent, down from 4.3 percent in Sep and down from 4.9 percent final year.

There were 11,175 initial claims for stagnation advantages in Oct 2014, adult from 10,978 in Sep and down from 13,489 final year. There were 66,959 continued claims in October, down from 68,335 a prior month and down from 93,184 in Oct 2013.

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