Obama calls on Greece to make tough choices – live updates

Kathimerini understands that Athens is focussing a courtesy on adjusting a mercantile measures it due with a aim of removing closer to a income aim set by lenders. However, a bloc is demure to adjust a VAT proposal, that sees 3 brackets (6, 11 and 23 percent) rather than a dual due by lenders (11 and 23).

Greece also seems prepared to lift somewhat a primary over-abundance proposals from 0.6 percent of GDP this year and 1.5 percent subsequent year. The institutions due 1 percent for 2015 and 2 percent for 2016. The updated idea from a Greek side is not approaching to strech these targets.

While Athens is prepared to change a law per early retirement, saving 100 million euros, it does not seem peaceful to go as distant as lenders are perfectionist in terms of grant reform. There are also estimable differences between Greece and a creditors on a emanate of work marketplace regulations.

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