New Milford financial house cuts bill nonetheless again

NEW MILFORD — The Board of Finance, in a array of bill amendments adopted Thursday night, deserted Mayor David Gronbach’s devise to equivalent a $1.5 million income distortion with measures including a sale of city properties.

Instead, a house cut $968,000 from a city bill and $532,000 from a schools budget. The altogether bill now stands during nearly $101 million, with $62.8 million for a schools and $38.2 million for a town. The new offer goes to electorate in a referendum subsequent month.

After Town Council authorized a mayor’s strange bill offer final month, a administration detected that $1.5 million in income had been double-counted. The mayor due to make adult a disproportion by offered $1.2 million of town-owned properties, pulling $60,000 from seductiveness income and augmenting Sewer Commission payments to a city by $314,000.

Finance house member Joseph DeGregorio pronounced that devise was unrealistic.

“I don’t wish to cut $500,000 from crew and we don’t wish to cut $500,000 from a schools,” DeGregorio said. “But we are worried regulating a impending sale of skill as income until it happens.”

Gronbach pronounced a financial house moves, including a $550,000 cut in personnel, will be formidable to lift out.

“Cutting crew by $550,000 is not an investment in New Milford,” he said. “Personnel is one of a biggest assets.”

Schools Superintendent Joshua Smith pronounced he was unhappy with Thursday’s cut,saying a propagandize house had worked tough to emanate a “transparent and fiscally responsible” budget, that has now been cut by $755,000 given it was presented to a town.

Smith pronounced he still hopes a bill passes during referendum.

”We’ll onslaught to find a approach to find that money,” he said. “That’s some-more than 1 percent reduction than what we asked for. That’s not easy.”

The financial board’s votes to rectify a bill generally followed celebration lines. Three Republicans voted for a amendments, as did DeGregorio, a member of a Green Party. Voting opposite was Democrat Barbara Wolf.

Board Chairman Gale Alexander, a Democrat, abstained, though pronounced he, too, was endangered about slicing services.

The devise to lift income by a skill sales had been adopted by a Town Council, also on celebration lines, with 5 Democrats ancillary it and 4 Republicans opposing.

Republican legislature members pronounced they against a devise since a city shouldn’t bill with income it didn’t have nonetheless or use one-time sales to cover ongoing expenses. They also questioned a cesspool commission’s ability to compensate their stream payments to a town, let alone additional money.

DeGregorio echoed Republican Town Council members in ancillary his board’s decision, adding that doubt around skill sales encouraged a board’s ruling.

Gronbach pronounced he would like to see a long-term devise from a Republicans about how to residence a town’s mercantile future.

“This isn’t care if they consider they can cut their approach to prosperity,” Gronbach said.

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