My neighbor’s renovations cost me my insurance

Dear John: My mother and we live in a condo in Florida. My upstairs neighbor is renovating his unit and is violating a condo manners by not employing protected contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

So we was flooded 3 times and had to call my word association to make a claim.

Now my word association is not going to emanate me an word process after 2018. we paid my word adult to that time.

I had zero to do with a incidents, though we am being punished for these 3 claims. S.L.

Dear S.L.: we spoke with Steve Donaghy, arch handling officer of your carrier, and he has educated a representative of record for your comment to support when your process comes adult for renovation in a year.

I don’t know what your rate will be. But if we consider a boost is astray we advise we hit Donaghy’s bureau and afterwards me if it can’t be resolved.

You have turn a bad word risk since of your neighbor’s actions. “This is an unusually high turn of claims activity, even in Florida where issues associated to H2O repairs claims are so widely known,” says Donaghy.

I’m wondering because we weren’t lonesome underneath your neighbor’s insurance. If he’s responsible, afterwards his insurer should compensate for your repairs.

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