Moving Up: Marathoner Reinken takes on financial for Elite Stor Capital

Name: Sheila Reinken

Distinction: Chief financial officer for Elite Stor Capital Partners LLC

City: West Palm Beach

If we wish to get ahead, we have to be means to transparent your noggin. Sheila Reinken, a new arch financial officer for Elite Stor Capital Partners LLC, accomplishes that by using each morning before work.

“While running, we have time to transparent my conduct with no distractions from electronic inclination (except for my using watch!),” a Boca Raton businesswoman said. “I mostly come adult with artistic solutions to my problems when we am on a prolonged run and feel happier and some-more during palliate when we finish.”

And there’s another perk, pronounced Reinken, who has finished 4 marathons, including using Miami twice and subordinate for a Boston Marathon, and using in triathlons and with a internal organisation in Boca Raton.

“When we run with others, we have time to consort and have prolonged conversations about life,” she said. “Some of my best and longest friends we have done by running.”

Reinken’s credentials includes comparison financial care roles during Fortune 500 publicly traded companies in a multiunit sell space, including Winn-Dixie Stores, Burger King Corp. (now secretly held) and Levitz Furniture Corp.

Over a past 25 years as a comparison financial officer, she finished financing for a merger of an 11-store sell sequence and rubbed particular store acquisitions and new store build-outs. Her collateral markets knowledge includes completing dual initial open offerings, several open debt issuances, genuine estate financings, asset-based credit comforts and revolving credit facilities.

At Elite Stor Capital Partners, Reinken’s purpose as CFO includes handling finance, collateral markets activities and financier relations.

The association has acquired and/or grown approximately $75 million value of self-storage resources in Florida, Kentucky and Ohio representing some-more than 9,000 units and over 1 million block feet of rentable space.

“I like formulation the expansion strategy,” she said.

Reinken grew adult in Boca Raton and graduated from Boca Raton High School.

While a tyro during Florida State, she tutored financial to undergraduate students and had an internship in then-Gov. Bob Graham’s Office of Management and Budgeting.

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