Morning Spin: Suburban lawmaker rips Chicago for schools that are ‘adult practice centers’

*Chicago cops rarely punished when judges find testimony false, questionable.

*Sheriff Tom Dart, still personification Hamlet after all these years.

*NYT does poll on Chicago.

*Repeat patron pays $9.25 a night to stay during Palmer House (plus presumably all a city hotel taxes).


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*Rauner’s dough: Gov. Rauner’s debate account pickled a Illinois Republican Party with a $5 million grant on Friday afternoon, a day after a governor’s aides indicated he wouldn’t be fasten a GOP commission during a party’s inhabitant gathering in Cleveland this summer.
Rauner, a former private equity investor, has done it transparent he skeleton to use his personal resources to try to erode a Democratic supermajorities in a House and Senate by assisting Republican legislative possibilities who support his agenda.
But Rauner’s charge competence have turn some-more difficult by Donald Trump rising as a Republican presidential front-runner. Rauner won’t speak about Trump and a argumentative businessman and former existence TV star’s effects on a tumble ballot, yet he competence try to let his income do a articulate for him.
Also a donor to a state GOP Friday was Todd Ricketts, a executive and co-owner of a Chicago Cubs. Ricketts gave $10,800 to a state party. Ricketts’ relatives have been vital donors of a anti-Trump Our Principles super domestic movement committee, yet his brother, Pete Ricketts, a administrator of Nebraska, permitted Trump on Friday. (Rick Pearson)

*Kirk doubles down on Trump: In further to Gov. Rauner, Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk also is skipping a inhabitant gathering yet is reiterating his support for Trump.

In an talk with CNN final week that was expelled Friday, Kirk indicated Trump competence assistance a Republican Party.

“Donald Trump is kind of a riverboat gamble,” Kirk said. “He won a Illinois primary, in this box we have seen a Republican opinion adult and a Democratic opinion down, so it looks like it’s a net benefit.”

Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, whose debate has sought to tie Kirk to Trump, had a discerning response.

“I consider that Donald Trump is such a polarizing figure and it’s unequivocally extraordinary to me that Mark Kirk has pronounced he will support Donald Trump and that has been helpful, honestly,” Duckworth told CNN. (Rick Pearson)

*We got ourselves a convoy: A 36-foot-long lorry containing tens of thousands of petitions pulled adult to an bureau for a Illinois State Board of Elections in Springfield on Friday, a outcome of months of work from a organisation seeking to rectify a state structure to change a approach legislative districts are drawn.

With some-more than 65,000 petitions containing scarcely 600,000 signatures, a Independent Maps bloc is submitting some-more than double a compulsory 290,216 to get on a list in November. Signatures contingency come from electorate purebred in Illinois, and a house will now oldster a submissions. For a structure to be changed, 60 percent of electorate will have to approve a offer come tumble — if a doubt ends adult on a ballot.

A identical try to place a due remapping amendment before electorate dual years ago was deserted as unconstitutional amid questions of either it had adequate stream petition signatures to make a ballot. Supporters of a stream expostulate are most improved financed and done changes to a amendment’s denunciation to try to accommodate inherent discipline schooled from a prior justice ruling.

Former Tribune Co. CEO Dennis FitzSimons, chair of a Independent Maps coalition, pronounced given that 67 percent of this year’s legislative races are uncontested, too many electorate feel like there’s no indicate in attack a polls.

“A large partial of that is since a maps are drawn by politicians, for politicians,” FitzSimons said. “And it discourages competition, it discourages people from voting since they don’t consider their votes count.

“The electorate will have a possibility to impact a complement that has clearly not worked for them,” he added.

Lawmakers attempted to pass their possess redistricting amendments this week, yet their efforts stalled before a deadline to contention due changes. (Celeste Bott)

*With friends like these: The inhabitant organisation U.S. Term Limits final week announced it “praised” James Marter for signing a congressional tenure boundary pledge.
Who is James Marter? He was a catastrophic GOP challenger to U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk in a Mar 15 Illinois Republican primary.
The tenure boundary organisation told a media that a May 3 proclamation was “for evident release” even yet Marter sealed a group’s oath on Feb. 8. (Rick Pearson)

*The Sunday Spin: On this week’s show, Tribune domestic contributor Rick Pearson’s guest were Democratic consultant Tom Bowen on a Donald Trump effect on a ballot; Christopher Mooney, executive of a Institute of Government and Public Affairs during a University of Illinois, on a presidential competition and a Springfield impasse; and Tom Weitzel, arch of military in suburban Riverside, on a outcome of a bill stand-off on programs affecting high-risk youths. Listen to a full uncover here.


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