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Former Cottage Grove City Council member Derrick Lehrke faces a probable polite lawsuit for unwell to record an nice financial news and compensate a excellent associated to his 2012 legislative campaign.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board mailed a summons and censure to Lehrke this week after officials pronounced they attempted for months to have him rectify a financial news and explain how scarcely $1,300 in debate supports were used.

Also this week, Lehrke contacted a house indicating he wanted to solve a issue, house executive executive Gary Goldsmith pronounced Thursday.

“We hopefully will be operative with him to do that,” Goldsmith said.

Lehrke was a Republican claimant for state House District 54A in 2012. His debate committee’s 2013 year-end financial news showed a change of $1,292. A year later, his cabinet filed a news to cancel a debate and indicated there were no financial changes, though reported a money change of zero.

Goldsmith reported in Aug that staff had regularly told Lehrke this year that he indispensable to record an nice financial report. A financial house memo indicated that with a difference of one email, Lehrke did not respond after February.

The financial house referred a emanate to a Minnesota profession general’s bureau in Aug to find an sequence constrained Lehrke to record a nice report. It also sought a visualisation opposite Lehrke and a cabinet for an delinquent $125 price for a prior late financial news filing and another $1,000 price for a late nice report.

With a matter still unresolved, a financial house took stairs to trigger a lawsuit opposite Lehrke this week with a mailed summons and complaint.

Goldsmith pronounced Lehrke contacted a debate board’s bureau this week and voiced a enterprise to record an nice report.

Lehrke pronounced in an email Thursday that he will send in a compulsory form and ask a house to haven a decision. He pronounced that “a prolonged time ago,” he was sensitive of a blank news and supposing a financial house staff member with information over a phone though was told that was not acceptable, so he mailed and maybe emailed information.

“My debate is sealed and hasn’t had activity in years,” he wrote. “I wish a house is understanding.”

A cabinet can't cancel until it has reduction than $100 and a supports have been accounted for, so Lehrke’s cabinet is still listed as open on a financial board’s website.

Lehrke ran unsuccessfully for House in a center of his Cottage Grove City Council term, that finished in Dec 2014.

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