Microsoft is removing out of a arrangement ad business, and adult to 1200 employees …

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Microsoft is shutting down many of a arrangement promotion business and handing over tools of it to AOL and AppNexus, a association pronounced in a blog post this afternoon.

Up to 1,200 employees could leave Microsoft as partial of a change, according to Bloomberg’s Dina Bass reports, who reported a news earlier.

As partial of a deal, AOL will reinstate Google Search with Bing as a default hunt engine, and AOL will hoop proceed sales of promotion opposite Microsoft’s calm sites, including MSN, in 9 markets, including a United States and a UK.

AOL will offer jobs to adult to 1,200 Microsoft employees as partial of a deal. Microsoft does not design to lay off any employees, and pronounced “We design to transition a sales and trade offered employees in these 9 markets to AOL, theme to correspondence with inner law and worker conference obligations.” 

AppNexus will have an stretched purpose offered programmatic promotion in 10 markets in Europe, and will now yield programmatic promotion for Microsoft in 39 markets overall.

Microsoft has been creation a delayed exit from a online promotion marketplace for several years, and that change has accelerated as CEO Satya Nadella is focusing a association on core businesses such as cloud computing and productivity.

In 2012, Microsoft took a $6.2 billion write down for aQuantive, a association it acquired in 2007 in an try to take on Google and other companies in online advertising. In 2013, it sole partial of a ruins of that business, a Atlas ad platform, to Facebook. 

In tumble 2014, Business Insider reported, Microsoft laid off most of a tellurian ad sales team, that was obliged for offered promotion on MSN and other associated sites.

Earlier this year, an inner energy onslaught during a association pitted a Windows organisation opposite MSN and other consumer online businesses — both groups wanted to use a default home page in Internet Explorer to foster their possess products. Nadella radically chose Windows and moved MSN underneath Windows personality Terry Myerson.

We have also listened some gibberish that Microsoft underneath Nadella was deliberation removing absolved of a MSN business entirely, though Microsoft has denied that speculation. Today’s news positively suggests that MSN will continue for now, though Microsoft will no longer be offered a ads opposite it.

Microsoft told us, “Today’s news is justification of Microsoft’s increasing concentration on a strengths: in this case, hunt and hunt promotion and building good calm and consumer services.  This expansion in a proceed to arrangement promotion allows us to keep this focus, while operative with attention leaders to marketplace a services.”


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