Messaging app Telegram is looking to lift $1.2 billion to turn a Mastercard ‘for a new decentralized economy’

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov
Telegram arch executive
officer, Pavel Durov.


  • Telegram, a messaging app, is building a blockchain
    height to opposition bitcoin and ethereum.
  • It is looking to lift during slightest $1.2 billion to develop
    a supposed TON height and cryptocurrency called
  • It would be a largest token sale ever.


Private messaging app Telegram is formulation to gatecrash the
cryptocurrency universe with a blockbuster ten-figure initial coin

The company, that reaches some-more than 170 million monthly users,
is looking to lift during slightest $1.2 billion from a token sale which
would embody a private sale set for Feb 2018 and public
sale in March, according to papers seen by Business Insider.

Telegram expects to lift $600 million in both sales. At $1.2
billion, it would be a largest token sale ever,
beating the $257 million lifted by Filecoin, a network of decentralised
cloud storage providers, in Sep final year.

The fundraising method, that is best suspicion of as a
cryptocurrency turn on a initial open charity routine in
that companies emanate their possess token to investors in exchange
for bitcoin or ether, took off in 2017 with
7 companies lifting some-more than $100 million final year
Analytics provider Autonomous NEXT estimates some-more than $4 billion
have been lifted around ICOs.

As for Telegram’s ICO, a income lifted will support the
company’s supposed TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain
platform, that will “host a new era of cryptocurrencies
and decentralized applications,” according to a white paper
reviewed by Business Insider. Investors will accept TON tokens,
or supposed Grams, for participating in a ICO by Dec 2018
during a earliest.

The association doesn’t design tokens to be listed on vital exchanges
until 2019.

TON seeks to solve a problem that conjunction bitcoin or ethereum
address, a association said.

“Bitcoin has determined itself as a «digital gold», and
Ethereum has valid to be an fit height for token crowd
sales,” a white paper said. “However, there is no current
customary cryptocurrency used for a unchanging sell of value in
a daily lives of typical people.”

While bitcoin and sky have reached implausible heights over the
past year, critics indicate out they have not been means to scale to
a indicate during that they can truly opposition income or credit cards. The
common tag-line evoked by skeptics is “you can’t buy a crater of
coffee with a bitcoin.”

Telegram is conceptualizing a token to be “a decentralized
reflection to bland money” that’ll aim a mass-market.
Here’s a association (emphasis is a own):

“Telegram will use a imagination in encrypted distributed data
storage to emanate TON, a quick and inherently scalable
multi-blockchain architecture. TON can be regarded as a
decentralized supercomputer and value send system.By
mixing smallest transaction time with limit security,
TON can turn a VISA/Mastercard choice for a new
decentralized economy.

The association is set to start usurpation letters of vigilant for the
pre-sale from competent investors during a finish of a month. Such
investors will get a some-more than 60% bonus to a open sale
price, according to a white paper.

Telegram will use 80% of a supports to rise a TON ecosystem.

“More than 80 percent of collected supports will be spent on
equipment, bandwidth, colocation, and user corroboration costs,”
a white paper said. “The rest will be allocated for wages,
offices, and authorised and consulting services.”

Joe DiPasquale, a owner of crypto account of supports BitBull
Capital, told Business Insider he’ll lay this fundraise out given
a high valuation.

“It’s a high risk-high prerogative gamble,” DiPasquale said. “And the
risk of carrying income sealed adult for roughly a year until launch,
and adult to 18 months after that launch – I’ve privately done the
preference to lay on a sidelines.”

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