Men in ‘khaki’ kidnap financial organisation manager, rob valuables

A squad of around 5 armed men, posing as military oficers, allegedly abducted a manager of a private financial organisation in Kumbalgodu military sinecure boundary and looted scarcely Rs. 90-lakh value valuables early on Friday.

According to a police, Nagendrappa, manager of Muthoot Mini financial association in Kumbalgodu, was withdrawal on his two-wheeler after shutting a bureau during 7.30 p.m. on Thursday dusk when a squad intercepted him. Under a stratagem of doubt him for some complaints opposite a firm, they pushed him into an SUV and sped away. They allegedly took him to an removed place nearby Magadi Road and threatened him to partial with confidence sum and keys of a firm. Nagendrappa purported that a squad assaulted him.

The group afterwards returned to a bureau withdrawal Nagendrappa in Magadi Road. “The squad entered a organisation and stole a valuables. They pennyless a CCTV cameras on a premises, and disarmed a confidence alarm. They left with a rob during around 4 a.m.,” a comparison military officer said.

Meanwhile, Nagendrappa managed to get behind to his two-wheeler and filed a censure during a military station. Based on this, a Kumbalgodu military conducted a examine during a spot. A special group has been shaped to examine a theft. “We are also checking either a manager is concerned in a crime. As we were not means to obtain CCTV footage, we are checking for footage from other tools of a locality,” a military officer said.

Senior military officers pronounced this is not a initial time that a private financial association has been targeted. “This time they acted as policemen. The open is fooled into meditative that anyone wearing dressed in khaki is a policeman,” a officer said.

Meanwhile, members of a private confidence attention pronounced many private financial or bullion loan firms do not sinecure confidence guards. “Such institutions should have an confidence complement that is a multiple of manpower and technology. There should be armed guards, CCTV cameras and involuntary dialler complement that alerts a nearest military sinecure in box of a thievery attempt,” pronounced P. Ravindranath, chairman, Karnataka section of Central Association of Private Security Industry.

A comparison military officer pronounced a military have been instructing financial firms to post guards. “But, they do not listen. We will be resending a communication to a companies. We devise to assign them with loosening and reason them partly obliged for a theft,” a officer said.

Rs. 90-lakh value valuables stolen from Muthoot Mini financial during Kumbalgodu, early on Friday

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