MCCSA’s practice initiative

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss (WTOK) – MCCSA is expanding a concentration this year to work harder to assistance people who are means to work land a job.

The new year has brought an additional concentration for Multi-County Community Service Agency. For some-more than 50 years MCCSA has helped accommodate a evident needs of people who were in need. This year a group is expanding a concentration to work harder to bond people who can work with a job.

A pursuit satisfactory had been designed for Wednesday though has now been deferred due to winter continue and potentially dangerous pushing conditions. It will be rescheduled.

“The pursuit satisfactory will be geared toward temp agencies, and a ones who are employing on a spot,” says Delphine Gaines, who is MCCSA’s Housing Coordinator.

For a pursuit fair, whenever it’s rescheduled, MCCSA advises participants to be prepared, dress for success and have an print ID and Social Security card.

“Our concentration in 2018 and over is to be means to emanate opportunities for practice for means bodied individuals,” says MCCSA Executive Director Ronald Collier.

To serve do this MCCSA will flog off a initial of several training sessions Saturday, designed to assistance ready convicted felons to turn gainfully employed.

“We’re going to start soon during 10 a.m. on Saturday, and if you’re here during 10:01 we only unfit yourself,” says Collier.

Collier says all participants in a training have to be pre-approved by his office. According to Collier, those who make a cut could be deliberate for practice with a association that’s concluded to partner with a agency.

“Ingalls Shipyard is one of a employers,” says Collier, “and if they fit what Ingalls is looking for, they will indeed give them an event to come in, acquire improved than a vital salary income, and turn employed.”

MCCSA has already cumulative housing for those who are hired on a Gulf Coast during Ingalls.

“Historically, we’ve paid application bills and paid rent, and people come in and that’s all they expect,” says Collier, “but for me it’s time for us to change a dynamics.”

With a continued joining to assistance those who can't assistance themselves, Collier says a group is expanding a concentration even some-more to assistance those who can work be means to do so.

“We have to pull a envelope,” says Collier. “We wish people to be means to turn employable.”

For some-more information about a event for convicted felons, call MCCSA during 601-483-4838.

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