Maybe it’s time to lift a block on health insurance

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There’s zero like a steer of Republicans and Democrats operative together and scrambling to save vast time supervision assist to super-rich corporations. Whether it’s a bailout for critical banks, taxation credits for Big Oil, or vast subsidies for vast cultivation businesses, this kind of associate capitalism seems to annoy roughly everybody though nobody unequivocally does anything about it.

Now, we’re about to declare another hasten to yield a hard-earned taxpayer income into a pockets of an attention that’s already raking in a vast bucks. The Senate Health Committee is going to reason hearings in September to find ways to keep a Obamacare subsidies sent to health word companies alive so a word exchanges don’t implode as so many people are predicting.

And a refuge of those payouts to a super-profitable insurers is a flattering good gamble deliberation even a Republicans couldn’t spin adult 50 votes to dissolution Obamacare and do what they had betrothed for 7 years running. It’s also a good gamble given a vigour is rising to save Obamacare from all sides. There’s even a warning from some magnanimous advocates not to brave call a word funding refuge bid a “bailout” given it’s such a installed tenure and it’s a people we’ll be bailing out and not some abounding CEOs after all, right?

Whatever happened to those informed Democratic Party mantras of “paying their satisfactory share” and “those millionaires and billionaires don’t need a money!” Whatever happened to informed quasi-socialist/left wing calls for cost controls? We positively hear all of a above when it comes to Big Pharma for one thing. And given is a word attention stealing not usually a pass, though an enthusiastic, formula red style, protection? In other words, a supervision has supposing a vast word companies with a process that’s led to massive increase for their industry. Why isn’t anyone in a critical caring position, even a Democrat, responding to this problem by perfectionist those same insurers give something behind and accept slimmer increase to keep a exchanges alive?

“So given are we so dependant to word as a solution? One spirit is word companies are vast domestic donors and complicated lobbyists.”

And it’s not like a word companies and their CEOs don’t make themselves an easy target. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini certain done himself demeanour like a good intensity domestic punching bag Thursday when he quietly told CNBC’s Closing Bell module that, “The ACA can't be repealed, period, finish of sentence.” Really? The final time we checked, even Constitutional amendments can be repealed. But a critical health-insurance association trainer is revelation America a module that’s done his association and attention many some-more absolute usually happens to be untouchable. So many for democracy. Oh and by a way, Aetna shares are adult roughly 30 percent year to date.

Here’s a kicker: Are we unequivocally even certain we need this attention in a initial place?

Hey, we might hatred a banks, a drug companies, a oil producers, and hulk agribusinesses. But we know we truly need a services they provide. So what services do insurers provide? Do they yield health care? No. Do they make critical drugs? No.

Industry advocates will disagree that while they do not yield any caring or treatments, health-insurance companies make them some-more affordable by swelling out risk and providing economies of scale. And many insurers contend their executive costs are flourishing faster than reward increases or that a kinds of business they cover now given of a ACA are some-more costly. But if that’s still their argument, it’s stealing stale. The cost of insurance, even with millions some-more Americans on word skeleton given of Obamacare, keeps going up. And again, a critical insurers have enjoyed improved batch cost expansion than a altogether marketplace given 2010. Even if Obamacare skeleton are not a source of those profits, a attention is doing so good altogether that maybe it’s prolonged past time to stop giving it so many supervision aid.

Mark Bertolini, authority and CEO of Aetna.

And here’s a thought, if a word attention can't hoop covering all a people who wish their product but furiously lifting prices, maybe their attention isn’t a right place to spin to in sequence to urge health-care accessibility in this nation in a initial place. Maybe “health” and “insurance” simply don’t mix, deliberation a fact that bad health is fundamentally a certainty for all of us and a word indication is formed on hedging opposite reduction expected outcomes. Other than a aged “major medical” skeleton that could assistance defray a cost of astonishing puncture care, health word doesn’t unequivocally make clarity if a idea is to revoke costs and/or urge entrance to care.

So given are we so dependant to word as a solution? One spirit is word companies are vast domestic donors and complicated lobbyists. The watchdog site shows that the word attention altogether has spent $78.6 million in lobbying this year alone, with a health word hulk Blue Cross/Blue Shield a tip altogether spender during some-more than $9 million.

And even but all a lobbying, it’s expected many politicians wouldn’t be means to see a approach of essential for health caring regulating anything other than a word model. After all, even Medicare and Medicaid follow a identical structure as they act like word companies in covering some procedures and not others and reimbursing opposite aspects of caring during opposite proportions, etc.

What if all a health insurers unexpected left tomorrow? Would your doctor, hospital, and drug store disappear too? Of march not. What would disappear is a ability of all a health caring providers to facade their loyal prices and costs. Remember that many of us usually find out a list or plaque cost of each procession and diagnosis usually after a fact when we get a matter from a word company. Without that masking, consumers would be means to emporium around for improved prices and improved caring and take during slightest some of a income spent on word and now use it for tangible care.

This would assistance a supervision save income too. Instead of relying on insurers to “cover” people with costly pre-existing conditions, and shoveling subsidies their approach to cover those costs, a supervision could put a sickest patients in dedicated risk pools and figure out how to make economies by slicing out a word middleman.

And but word or with a many reduced purpose for insurers, doctors and hospitals would be means to confirm some-more for themselves how to caring for patients, instead of roughly always consulting and infrequently vagrant and arguing with insurers over what they will and won’t cover.

To be clear, supervision subsidies and assist would still really exist. The open would go into distinct panic mode if word left but another approach to compensate for infrequently costly caring in a place. The indicate is, it would be reduction costly and some-more judicious to concentration that taxpayer income on a tangible health-care providers, not a insurers.

This isn’t about bashing an American industry. It’s about stealing a array of astray political, financial, and informative advantages health insurers have enjoyed for too long. Like all conservatives, we tremble when we hear a “pay your satisfactory share!” shouts from a left. But when a supervision is a primary source of a sold industry’s large good fortune, a call to mislay that astray advantage is truly justified.

If a word companies can find a approach to be essential but undue and astray assistance from Uncle Sam, God magnify them. If they can’t, it shouldn’t be a taxpayers pursuit to keep them afloat.

Commentary by Jake Novak, comparison columnist. Follow him on Twitter @jakejakeny.

For some-more discernment from CNBC contributors, follow @CNBCopinion on Twitter.

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