Man who sole $453K in feign Arizona word policies draws jail sentence


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A male who sole feign word policies to Phoenix-area businesses to a balance of $453,000 was condemned to jail on Tuesday, state officials said. 

Brian McFarland was condemned to 3½ years in prison, along with 7 years of trial after he sole feign word policies to blurb environmental businesses, according to a Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

McFarland also was ordered to compensate full compensation to a victims, a bureau said. 

Officials pronounced a Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud Unit, in a corner bid with a New Jersey Department of Insurance, arrested McFarland in 2016. He was charged with fraudulent schemes, temperament burglary and theft

The Attorney General’s Office pronounced McFarland fake his name onto a permit of another word representative who had a same final name. He used a permit and stolen temperament to sell word underneath a name Legends Environmental Insurance Services, a legitimate association in California that he had worked for.

defrauded around 87 companies via a Phoenix area, officials said. They paid for word policies, though never indeed had insurance, a Attorney General’s Office said.

His rascal started to come detached after Legends joined with another association and credentials checks were conducted on all employees. It was found McFarland had been offered policies though a license, that launched a broader review and led to McFarland revelation some aspects of what he had done.

He finished adult relocating to New Jersey posterior separate jobs, though New Jersey officials worked with Arizona investigators as they continued questioning what incited to be a some-more endless rascal scheme, a Arizona Attorney General’s Office said.

McFarland was arrested and indicted in Oct 2016 in Gloucester County, N.J.

He was charged with 92 depends of rascal and theft, nonetheless he finished adult pleading guilty to fewer charges once behind in Arizona to face prosecution.

McFarland pleaded guilty to one count of fake schemes and dual depends of burglary in Dec 2017. 

McFarland had worked for Legends for some-more than 10 years, according to former owners Bill Lohman. 

“He wrote fraudulent policies on everybody … He could have wiped out companies. He could have wiped out lives,” Lohman said.


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